Chris Schultz

No Top Gear fans here. Sigh...

Have you guys considered maybe they are on summer holidays ?

They are entitled to time off like the rest of us mere working humans.

Between TSN and RSN , not sure why CBC even has a sports division anymore. :? :roll:

We are only speculating maybe Schultz is under the weather or maybe he did get into it with I think it was Steagal .

I just remember seeing him say no I don't like you with a straight face . So I didn't know if it was WWE banter staged or Chris was just that pissed off .

thanks for the input Rod Black's Mom.

Schultz only works at TSN during football season. He gets a several month holiday every year. It'd be pretty weird to take a holiday in the middle of the season. He's never done it before and he's been doing the same job for quite a while.

The sudden, conspicuous absence is odd.

You would think that if he was on Vacation they would have mentioned it on the panel. Same thing if he was sick.
On Thursday night they said that Jock is not here tonight because he's on the sidelines in Ottawa, but no mention of why Schultz was absent.


I believe this is something personal and he wants and needs it to stay that way. He has been a regular at a place I worked (no longer work there)

I understand why fans would wonder where he's been but remember he is a human and we all have things in our life that need attention and I feel he is dealing with something in private.

just my 2cents

Schultzie was missing at the beginning of the season too though. Dude wasn't even on the panel when they opened BMO. I noticed he does the voiceover for the GMC Playbook thing at halftime, now that it's no longer a live Coach's Playbook with Lapo and Benevides back on the sidelines.

Another explanation is that he's getting ready for the NFL season. He's the NFL guy for TSN and he may be down covering the pre-season and getting reports ready for TSN

I prefer Gord Miller to Rod Black except for one thing. Miller consistently gets the teams wrong. He’ll say, “The Riders have the ball on the 35-yard line” when it’s the Esks who have the ball. I can see this happening once or twice, but in the couple of games he’s done this year he’s done it about ten times. Strange, because I don’t remember him doing that in previous years.

Miller’s voice changes pitch about five times per sentence, which makes it easier to listen to than Black’s monotone baritone voice.

As for Schulz, I hope it’s nothing permanent and nothing serious. If he’s off the panel because of a dispute with Stegall, I’d much rather they had gotten rid of Stegall: the panelists should not be fans of one team or another. But I do like the fact that he’s not afraid to disagree. A lot of times the panel is just a lot of guys saying “that’s right” to everything everyone else says. But the look on Stegall’s face when Dunigan said that the Riders were “close” was priceless. And his colourful way of speaking: his “almost pregnant” remark had me rolling on the floor.

And I still like Dunigan better as a colour commentator than a panelist. Him and Miller (with work on which team is which) as permanent Team B to Team A’s Cuthbert and Suitor would be my dream team. Get rid of Forde and Black. Put Smith, Climie, Stegall and Schulz as permanent panelists. We don’t need Climie on the sidelines when we’ve got Sara Orlesky, Matthew Scianetti (sp?), and the other guys whose names escape me.

I was kind of hoping Burris would eventually become a panelist, but I guess we can forget that now.

I kind of thought of that, but he’s never done that in previous years.

Yes, let's all pray that he is dealing with a serious medical condition.

For me....

Team A - Cuthbert, Suits, and Lalji (Cuthbert and Suits have great chemistry; they also have that 'big game' energy. Lalji is the best sideline reporter. Has excellent sources, and coaches high school football at a high level so knows the game).

Team B - Miller, Dunigan, Scianetti (Miller's dry humour loosens Matty up so he tells some pretty entertaining stories, especially if the game is one-sided. But Big Dave is right about Miller mixing up the teams sometimes. Scianetti has come along way from this. His words got spun through the 'rinse/dry' cycle:

Team C - Black, Forde, Orlesky (Black's exuberance compensates for Forde's monotone delivery. Black always talks to his viewers as if they're watching a CFL game for the first time. I believe that's what annoys most of us regulars the most. Orlesky is okay except she needs to finish her piece within the prescribed stoppage and not bleed into live game action).

I feel the same. it's a little awkward. One of them recently "joked" about not respecting the other and it was...convincing.

I miss walby.

The panel desk is looking awfully out of proportion with only the three panelists there...

Just seems beyond odd that they wouldn't acknowledge the absence of a man who has been there for so many years. there are lots of ways to say something and not to be too explicit.

I agree - but the media form chart rule-book clearly states:

  1. If it isn't a death or a firing DO NOTHING

In Schultzie's case its obviously not a death or firing. As I stated earlier, perhaps he's under medical leave for grief following his father's death in early July.

The awkward empty chair speaks volumes about the media's form chart to press for answers on issues they cover - but when it comes to their own - they kinda go Bellichek on everyone!

I can't remember--and I missed the first two, three weeks of the season--but was Schultz there at the beginning of the season?

Yes, he was