Chris Schultz

Just noticed that the big man, Chris Schultz has been absent from the panel for at least 3, maybe 4 weeks. This is rare cuz Schultzie was always the stalwart panelist - as he resides in Toronto and they don't have to fly him in like Milt or Dunigan, or limo him in like Jockstrap from Ottawa.
I knew his father passed away 5 or 6 weeks ago but was wondering if there was any other reason Big Chris has been absent?

Anyone know?

On another TSN roster decision - looks like they've held back Mr. Wunderlick (Rod Black) for another week - Gord Miller is in for tonite's game in Ottawa. No question Miller did a bang-up job in his 2016 debut - and some rumblings that Rod Black's despicable ineptitude has come to the attention of the mopes at TSN/Bell management. Its a good decision to hold Rod out of the lineup. As for improving - vermin like Black are incapable of learning - especially at 55 or 56 or whatever Rodawful is.

I have no major problems with Black.

Yet many do. We are all entitled to an opinion.

However, did you need to refer to Climie as " jockstrap " and Rod Black as " vermin " ?

Sorry, but just not called for. :thdn:

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I was wondering too.
What I have noticed is that in my view Stegal and Schultz have an “awkward” relationship on TV. It appears uncomfortable to me anyway.

Enough with the stupid nicknames Lyle. Just stop it.

How can his nicknames surprise you guys???? He's been doing it for a year now under the guise of Area 51.

rod black is awesome. ppl who dont like him are the same ppl who dont like bob cole or al michaels or brent musberger but when somebody else comes in the entire broadcast takes a step back.

rod black a great canadian broadcaster from winnipeg who has been with ctv/tsn family for like 30 yrs is actually one of the last great ones.

his passion is second to none and is downright rock solid professional.

I also have zero problems with Black, but I can understand how some haters can let his style get the better of their judgment. If it wasn't him it would be somebody else (and often is anyway).

As for Schultz, I hope he's okay. I've enjoyed his sometimes controversial insights over the years. I doubt he's out because of personality issues, but I guess it could happen.

I am a bit concerned the format on TSN is getting a bit stale in general and could use a refresh, maybe a new face or two, but I still like it well enough. :thup:

I never truly understood the hate for some of these guys. People say Rod Black is terrible and annoying, and I understand he's had his blunders, but can someone actually EXPLAIN their reasoning? It could be worse. We could have NFL commentators who drone on about literally nothing for half the game. At least the TSN guys talk about the game and not obsolete ramblings about what Chris Colinsworth did on the weekend. :roll:

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I was wondering if Schultz has another job that he can't get out of during the week.
He seems to be around on Saturday or Sunday games, but is absent for week day games.
With the added presence of the CFL on weekdays, this might be why he is not on as much.

Black should stick to his background of figure skating and gymnastics commentary. I don't hate the guy, I just find him incredibly annoying. I wish Miller and Cuthbert were the only two play by play with a rotation of Suitor, Dunigan and Ford on colour.

Would like to see the odd coach or defensive player on the panel.

maybe Mr Black would be better on the half time panel

Great post ROD. Having a good holiday? :oops:

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You just threw Black into the same convo as Bob Cole and Al Michaels? And your opinion is expected to be trusted come on now. Bob Cole and Al Michaels are absolute legends.... Rod Black, well he is legendary but for completely different reasons. If you're going to compare anybody from CFL to those two it'd be Cuthbert but even then, Al Michaels and Bob Cole are the standard, god do I wish they had someone like. Michaels doing CFL games.

Some people call him a Canadian icon, the voice of the CFL. Some would say we are lucky to have him he could have gone on to ESPN or another US network............... :?

All we know is that we call him..... the Stig!

I don't like him at all. nice guy but voice is brutal. AND love Bob Cole.

I'm actually in the camp that likes Rod Black. I get he mangles statistics sometimes and he has too great love of giving nicknames to everyone, however his greatest strength is that he sticks the "moment" every single time. When I think of the greatest calls of great plays, they are inevitably Rod Black calls...

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I agree on Gord Miller. While I prefer his PBP with Dunigan, he can seamlessly fit in anywhere, any sport (he is also very good at calling hockey). Very under-rated sense of humour on the telecast too (which is why I like him with unleashes his southern 'good 'ole boy').

I've been wondering about this all season. Not only is he rarely on the panel, but they seem to have dropped his sack challenge. I haven't seem them show the sack tally all season.

One of the last times I saw him on the panel was a pretty good fight between panelist which I thought was just for show .

Maybe it wasn't .

TSN tends to sweep stuff under the carpet.

Rod Black hasn't broadcast a game in two weeks (and counting). No explanation. btw Rod is still doing radio interviews on talent-starved TSN radio stations (heard him doing something with our local mopes a couple days back - Rod didn't say anything about why he's sitting out TSN game casts)

As for Schultzie - if he's been fired, announce it. If he was suspended, say so. Don't ignore the issue cuz it just gets bigger every week.

Feel sorry for Big Chris. There's no way he could survive at Sportsnet cuz he's a one trick pony football guy and SN hardly covers the CFL. CBC doesn't do much sports anymore - other than the Olympics! So I hope for Chris's sake he's just on a leave of medical absence from TSN