Chris Schultz.....what are you smoking ?

Don't get me wrong....out of all the guy's on the TSN Panel, I have always liked Chris the most.
But as we go into week 7....I fail to understand where he is coming from.
Cats move way up to 2nd on the TSN power ratings.
Sask....falls to 6th.
I watched the BC..Sask game, and I thought nether " team " played very well. ( sloppy football )
Then I checked out Schultz's picks for week 7......and I could not believe it.
Sask...5 point favorites over the Cats ?????
That just what to up-chuck.
What a bunch of CRAP.
I hope or Cats go into Sask....and tear those guy's to bit's on Sunday.
Then....maybe our Cats, will finally, start to get a bit more respect, from TSN.

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:


This is why we play the games.

We've been underdogs all season, why break the trend now?

Schultz is 13-11. A monkey throwing darts would on average get 12 right.

That's a good one.....

I guess I forgot....what TSN stands for.

T oronto-argo S ports N etwork.


I understand why Schultz Is picking the Riders
They are the Home Team ..
They have Great Fans and it is Hard to win in Regina..

I Still take the 5 Point and Take the Ticats

At the end of the day who cares?

He is entitled to his opinion. The Cats are on the road so I am not that surprised they would be underdogs.

Maybe you should look at this as a potential pay day cause the Cats are 5 point dogs all over Vegas.

Big deal who Shultz picks. I do not think he is too far off with his pick anyway. We're going into their stadium and that is a real tough place to get a win in. Personally I think the Green Riders are going to be fired up after their last game. Having said all that, I still think we win a close one. :cowboy:

Hey look back to the beginning of the season, we are being treated like Kings compared to then. Picks mean nothing. It will be a tough test for our young team.

This clown is only 13-11 and he gets paid to do this what a joke, in my CFL pool I'm leading the way with a 17-7 record and a few guys are behind me with 15 wins.
I'll do it for a quarter of the money too.

I've always like Schultz.

I feel he is one of the more well spoken commentators in the CFL and he generally displays great football knowledge.

This season, however, he has really hurt his creditabiliy with his support of Bart Andrus and the blew team.

He consistantly spouts the idea that the blew team is MUCH better than last year, and as recently as Monday (on the FAN 590 aa the 8:10 insider) stated the blew team offense would develop as the year goes on.

ANyone watching the blew team knows they are in a downslide and have been for a while. Their best players are past their prime and they have not shown the ability to recruit young talent. It is a team in deep trobule, and Schultz's unwillingness to see itmakes him appear to be a biased fan rather than a professional anaylsist.

As far as him picking SASK to win? Who cares? It's what happens on the field that counts!

Cats are 5-0 against the spread this year.

Take the points and Go-Cats-Go!!!

Schultz had the Cats by 8 last week....not bad!!!

Yup, in the end with the Cats playing well and the Argos not playing well, there is jealousy in Toronto no question. Toronto having a poorer record than Hamilton doesn't go down well in the Centre of the Universe.

Beating MooseJaw at home would be a tall order for any team no matter how good a season their having, partner :cowboy:

Schultz is an AR$# H*&^ homer. Always was and always will be one.

I see home field being the biggest advantage in Sask. Not sure fans are as much a factor anywhere else.
So, I dunno...I could understand why the Riders are slightly favoured here.

Fine by me, too. I think we have a very good chance of winning. Especially if we can get rolling early and suck some of the life out of that crowd (...who, with the later start, will be well fired up by then.)

Most Rider Finds are Worried about Cobb..

Saskatchewan at home is a different team then the Riders on the road and his picks have nothing to do with the power rankings.

PS...all of the sports books have Saskatchewan as 5-point favourites as well

Nothing worth sweating over

Well, coming from a Rider fan, this game could easily go either way.

The Riders are inconsistent, hot and cold, on and off. Looked great in Calgary and Toronto, looked like poop in the Montreal and BC game. Who knows which Rider team will show up on Sunday.

The Ti-Cats are a really good team this season, so it looks like Chris Schultz thinks the good Rider team will show up.

It doesn't bother me that Schultz has picked the Riders, as even his comments indicate that this one is a tough pick. Being 13-11 so far this year, pretty much tells you have much tells you he has just as much chance being wrong as he does being right.

I generally find Chris' analysis to be pretty good, but I really don't get his and the TSN panel's love in for Bart Andrus. Maybe the work Bart is doing will pay off by the end of the season, or he is coaching on a sinking ship, but so far I don't see the results. Quite frankly now that he has lost Bruce, and is going to sit down Joseph, I have a hard time seeing them getting any better.


For the record guys, I don’t really see the Toronto bias on TSN. Hamilton has been praised more then any other team this year and Argo’s have gotten the negative attention that they deserve.

I hear Shultz on The FAN a lot and I’ve never heard anything suggesting that he has a Toronto bias. Even when he’s let Joseph off the hook and blamed the line/receivers, I’ve agreed with him. Joseph is the last thing Toronto has to worry about on offense and the switch to Pickett is merely a desperation move – hoping he sparks something.

PS…I try to rep Hamilton as much as possible at The FAN!