Chris Schultz talks Toronto NFL with Washington Post

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We live in an "icy country". Hmmm, like that, haven't heard that one before. All the writer had to add is that every Canadian is born with a hockey stick and pair of skates on their feet and then the article would have been dead on accurate. :wink:

The caption for the picture of the Grey Cup is ... interesting.

"It’s not as recognizable as the Lombardi Trophy, but Canada’s Grey Cup is a symbol of the country’s long-standing tradition of playing America’s favorite sport. (Canadian Football Hall of Fame)"

America's favo(u)rite sport? Not quite.

American football is America's favorite sport, but that article leaves a lot to be desired. Typically for an American writer it can only see one side of the coin. I've lost a little respect for the WP after that.

why would Schultz talk Toronto NFL? stick to Toronto CFL please…

Actually, Americans are playing one of Canada's favorite sports. We developed the game first.

"The first documented game of football was played in Canada at the University of Toronto among the students of that University. One of the participants was Sir William Mulloch who went on to become the Chancellor of the university"

no doubt Earl.

Surprised they didn't mention of us all living in igloos, transportation on dog sleds or our main cuisine is whale blubber.

The article in question is from the Washington Times, not the Washington Post. OP got it wrong in the thread title.

Man you are ridiculous. You realize that he is a TSN Football Analyst. And by Football I mean all football. He does weekly picks for the NFL and has lots of segments talking about the NFL. Plus he played in the NFL.

Does Shultzie still live in Canada or is he in the U.S. now?

"Sunday will mark the fourth year in a row in which tickets have been sold out for an NFL game at Rogers Centre,"

And he lies too! :thdn: