Chris Schultz State of the Union address

Good read there Schultzy.

"With less than three weeks to go before the beginning of CFL training camps, I find my mind in anticipation overload.

It's a personal curiosity of trying to evaluate the unknown. Questions of which teams in this year's CFL will rise to the challenge of consistent winning and which teams will fade or falter and, in some cases, let problems of personality fester to the point of self destruction.

Which players, whether popular or unknown, will become the stars of the league and be part of our every meeting and conversation? Will 2007, when that first week of December appears, be concluded as a progression or a regression as it relates to the present and future of the Canadian Football League?" ...

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It is a good read. For all the times I’ve taken “shots” at Schultzie, that was a good column.

lol does Schultz re-read his texts? He states that the 94th Grey Cup was played by the BC Lions and Baltimore Stallions. Im pretty sure it was the Als and the Eskimos.

I think he meant 1994......

Im surprised he even found his mind.... much less putting it into anticipation overload.