Chris Schultz predicts Ti-Cat win

I can't help it, I'm taking Hamilton. Look, this has to end; six straight losses is nothing to find humour in but just the percentage of success is on the Ticats' side. Both teams MUST improve their run defense dramatically, following Chad Kackert and Jon Cornish running over 300 yards on the ground last week. And each team knows that and will most likely make personal changes. The pressure is always on but here in September it is REALLY on for the Ticats. Edmonton 27, Hamilton 30
He also predicts losses from Toronto, Winnipeg and Saskatchewan.

At 20-20, Schultz is right (or wrong) half of the time which doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. Most experts are no better than fans in predicting the future.

Well, I'll be cheering for the 'Cats, hope they beat the 'Smoes. :thup:

If we are going to catch a team and make the playoffs it is Edmonton since we have 2 games against them. I know talking about the playoffs is a little crazy

A bit of optimistic type crazy works for me as well Chew.

Edmonton has a great running game and Joseph is a great scrambling/running QB. Our defense hasn't shown they can stop the run, so they will score a lot of points against us. The good news is that Edmonton's defense isn't very good either so it will probably come down to who has the ball last in a high scoring game.

You know our D will give up at least 30 points, and unfortunately, this has been accepted as being the norm, so the pressure goes on the Offence to score over 30 points, which is hardly fair to Burris and Cortez.

I'm as optimistic as they come, yet i'll be shocked if we win on Saturday. Both teams are desperate but we won't play like it, Edmonton will.

I wouldn't be shocked if Hamilton won. In fact, I'm expecting a win, but having watched those last 5 games, another loss, even another abysmal performance would not surprise me in the least.

Let's just say the Tiger-Cats have set the expectation bar a lot lower.

I too would be shocked if we won on Saturday. We had 4 super close losses where we had the lead or a tie in the last 3 minutes of every game. I thought last Saturday, we would have taken those 4 losses and turned the corner.

What I saw last Saturday was a huge let down. I see a similar trend with our defense this week. We can’t stop the run and Messam and Charles will run right through us and Joseph won’t have to do much with his arm.

Agreed, that last week's performance was a shock.

Now that we've seen both the best and the worst of what this team can offer, neither would shock me now.

out of curiosity, how many consecutive losses did the Cats have during the ill-fated 2003 (1-17) campaign?

Plus they lost their last game of 2002, for an overall 13 game losing streak.

thanks JFL.
is this a CFL record for futility?

Truthfully I'd be surprised if Hamilton loses; this game will huge for the team that does win. Tiger Cats is my call.
Edmonton is losing scrimmage battles - evident from Cornish. Chris Williams - field position is Hamilton's gain.

The cats are the more desperate team. Their backs are against the wall. Its now or never. Nothing more dangerous than a cornered tiger.

i had to double check the date of the above post because I could have sworn I read the same thing prior to last week's debacle in Toronto following the Labour Day let down.