Chris Schultz predicts a Stamps victory

The Stampeders beat the Lions three times this season - June 26 (BC 18 @ CGY 28), August 22nd (CGY 36 @ BC 19) and November 1 (BC 30 @ CGY 41) - that is a pretty heavy psychological hold in the positive for the Stampeders. They can say with confidence, "if the game comes down to the basics of good football execution, they should win for a fourth time this season." On the other hand, it's tough, very tough, to beat a team four times in one season, especially when the emotion of the game evens out the talent level. If I was Lions' Wally Buono, that would be my message to my team, "four times in one season, impossible." The Lions can win this game on emotion. They are physical on both the offensive and defensive line and very good at linebacker but Calgary is still the better team. The Stampeders are not going to turn the ball over seven times like the Roughriders did, with those types of opportunities the Lions should have blown out the Riders in the first half. Also, the Stamps ended the regular season with fewest points allowed and second in points scored. They have the CFL's most productive receiver in Ken-Yon Rambo, the CFL's most productive runner in Joffrey Reynolds and finished tied for number one in the regular season in Giveaway/Takeaway (+20) with the Lions. At the start of the season there was a concern about Henry Burris, it's why the Stampeders brought in Dave Dickenson, but Burris has thrown 39 touchdown passes this season, second only to Anthony Calvillo's 43 but Burris plays better competition in the West. Lions 27 - Stampeders 38

I Say He Is WRONG! :thdn:

LIONS Will WIN! :thup:

he is right lions are going to lose they are too cocky.

he is right they are going to lose , they are too coky

Well I guess I can make other plans for Saturday. No need to watch the Lions game now. Dupsdell has assured us the Leos will lose because they are too "cocky"!?? What the ...? Hey Dudsdell, loosen up a little, This is a one game showdown between the two best teams in the league. Whoever wins will represent the West in the Grey Cup. "Cocky" has nothing to do with it, the team with more points at the end of the game does.

You know, dupsdell has been wrong all year about attendance, maybe, just maybe he'll keep his perfect streak alive. :roll: :roll:

Duppy, I think you should go over to the Calgary forum and star a half a dozen attendance threads over there! :twisted: :twisted:

Yeah, and he predicted a Sask victory too..... so what !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ironically, it was one of the few times all year long that he predicted a Rider victory.

I think everyone (except Lions fans) has been saying all season long that this is Calgary's Grey Cup to lose. Just like last year was the Lions to lose.

Which they did.

So, anything can happen.

Fair enough Sheep, I guess we will wait and see what happens.... but of course you know that I hope Schultzy is wrong on this one ! :thup:

Common sense tells you the Stamps should win this one.
1- Stamps won all three meetings against Lions in regular season
2- Stamps have home field advantage for finishing first in the West (13-5)
3- Lions have to play in an outdoor stadium with the cold and elements.
4- Stamps have the West nominee for MOP.

Wouldn't surprise me one bit if the Stamps beat the Lions. They are clearly the favourite.

With that being said, throw all the stats out the window and anything can happen in a one game playoff to advance

Wouldn't surprise me if the Lions pull out the win. Lions have enough talent to do so.

Either way the Lions are in an enviable position. Lose and it was to be expected but win and it'll be an upset

Here's to a well played game on Sat. Good luck to the Als and Esks as well.

If it comes down to a team losing because they are too cocky, then the Stamps will get slaughtered. They are WAAAAY more cocky than the Lions. Thye are completely full of themselves and that will be their downfall.

I predict it will not snow

Well predict all you want this is going to be a good game against to very good balanced teams. Where the Stamps have the advantage is in coaching. Vut again this one is too close to call. So BC fans cheer on your team and may the best team of the day win.

Either way this in my opinion will be the game of the year. So much for defense wins championships, I think this will be a good ol' fashioned gunslingin' game.

I live here in Calgary and the weather forecast is for plus thirteen and sunny(maybe snow the following day).Weather shouldn't be a factor other than with the cool temperatures we are having today it may take a chinook wind to warm it up that much and that could make it fairly blustery tomorrow.

With that being said I think if it comes to a ground game then our Lions and Logan might have a slight edge with the run.I put our team against the run a little better than Calgary's.

Schultzy also prdicted that the riders would win. So much for that I guess.

People have a short memory. Last year the favoured Lions played the Western Final at home against the Riders and lost. This year its the favoured Stamps who play the Lions at home and lose. Buck will get injured in the first half and JJ will play his best football throwing bullet passes to win the game. Now get ready for the Als. :lol: :lol: