Chris Schultz picks the Ti Cats to miss the playoffs

where have i heard the lack of love from the TSN panel before?

Bizzaro pick considering the pickle Toronto is in right now.

Yeah, but Ottawa hasn't won a single road game this season, and are now starting their second string QB. I think the pick is less about Ottawa and more about Montreal's current win streak.

Since the Austin regime took over Schultz has been sour. In the past he was upbeat about HAM no matter what their record was often when they didnt deserve it. There's something there with those two, imo.

That’s Schultzy’s pick. Absolutely meaningless! What does Kate Beirness say?? :rockin: :x "That’s the pick that counts!

This season, Schultz has been wrong on only 31% of his predictions. The Cats are given a bit better chance by CFL Simulation:

So the TSN panel is anti-Hamilton because Schultz picks the TiCats to miss the playoffs???
You could put a positive spin on it, Schultz is just picking the Als to win on the road and the Argos to win at home.
Schultz is going by the play of both the Als and the Ticats the past few weeks.
If the Ticats play like they did against Ottawa they will lose. Montreal is not going to make the same mistakes that Ottawa did.

Seriously ???? Like really,who gives a rats arse what Schultzy thinks ??? Like his opinion really matters !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Only matters if you meet him in a dark alley and you tell him he is a whatever for predicting the Cats will miss the playoffs. And he's big compared with me and could stomp on me like an ant so then I'd probably be nice to him and tell him he's a great guy. :wink:

Interesting Schultzy being from Burlington has always been a big Hamilton and McMaster supporter.

During the 2011 Vanier cup he gave Mac a pep speech to kick the "sh*t" out of "those guys" (Laval) and took a lot of flack for it.

maybe as another poster suggested there is some bad blood between he and Austin.

No, the TSN panel is anti-Hamilton for the coverage they gave last Grey Cup, or rather the lack of coverage given to Hamilton. If it wasn't for Tom Hanks, Martin Short and Delvin Breaux, I don't think there would have been any Hamilton coverage that Grey Cup. It was such a shame we couldn't serve them up some crow. Then again, I guess the Sask fans deserved to win the cup at home.

The CFL what's the Argos in the playoffs badly because they need every cent they can get, now that worries me. :wink:

He can take his predictions and take a long walk off a short pier. Don't care what he says. I have faith in our boys

Hard for Schultz to get that old Leaky Boatman blood out of his system. :cowboy:

Chris Schultz picked the Cats to lose only because he has mental issues to deal with, lack of memory from too many hits to his sensitive head over the years and all the years of DUI's and pyramid scams from his past with the police have caught up with him.

What do the real experts say?


Schultz is paid to give his opinion, no matter how misguided it may be. 8)

expert--- X is an unknown quantity and spurt is a drip under pressure.

The x-spurts don't count. What does count is what the 'Cats put on the field on Saturday.
hope Austen and flunky Tom have the team prepared to start playing effectively IN THE FIRST QUARTER this week. We need a full 60 minutes to dominate the Larks; not just D and STs.

You are righty the only expert opinion that counts is the one on the field all others are out the freaking window!!


Do you have a source for any of these accusations? Strange comments coming from you