Chris Schultz on the LeFors pay cut

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The Lefors situation may be indicative of the current state of affairs in the CFL and professional football in general.
Due, in part, to the demise of arena football and NFL Europe, there is a large supply of capable, experienced football players (including quarterbacks) available to fill most import positions on CFL teams and the teams are very aware of this.
The Blue Bombers were confident they could replace Lefors for $90,000 (or less) in the current marketplace and likely had ‘phone numbers at the ready in case Lefors decided not to take the 40% salary cut.
The existence of the Salary Management System is another factor since it forces teams to be very objective and impersonal where players’ salaries are concerned.
Someone once said that professional football is a beautiful game but a terrible business. The Lefors situation is an example of the cold, analytical side of the business.

Don't worry, I won't be posting here regularly. I figured the comment would probably offend some forum members, but I decided this particular Argos "R" evil comment merited a response since the source of the alleged evil is now a Ticat exec.

No team in this league is as pure as the driven snow, and in a league this small and this incestuous, today's devil is probably tomorrow's saviour. Sazio was a hero when he worked for the Ticats, and a villain when he switched teams. Obie was hated by Ticats fans when he wore blue on the sidelines, and is loved now that he wears black and gold. Same for Bruce, O'Shea, etc. Which makes comments suggesting that a team is inherently evil . . . inherently ridiculous, IMO.

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I dont get what everyone is mad about? Lefors should be happy that he still has a job. If the bombers decide they were going to cut him no other team would have picked him up...

What the bombers did was smart, they got too keep the qb who knows the system but reduced his play because he cant play.

As the author of the comment to which you refer, I can think of only one obvious response:

Argos Suck.

Was Obie the Argos GM in '94 or not? According to his bio on, he was both head coach and GM for the Argos that year: Does this guarantee that Obie is the unnamed antagonist in Shultz's story? No, but it makes it perfectly plausible, and very probable.

Are comments that shed new light on a subject not welcome here?

Not sure if you're merely predicting the reaction of others, but the "rolling eyes" make it seem like you're expressing your own disdain for pw13's comments.

Argos suck, but what pw13 said about the Shultz situation was pretty insightful. These boards could use more posts like that.

Careful...comments that make sense are some times not taken well here by the old guards that would rather chase away fans. :wink: