Chris Schultz on NFL in Toronto


I cannot disagree with anything he wrote.

Yeah, I love a good kind of way of course. :slight_smile:
Maybe its because he makes sense all the time.

I look forward to Schultz's insights. But MAN, does that guy ever need a proofreader. Every week I am amazed that his stuff gets onto a fairly major website so full of errors.

There is a two-way tie for the irony award in this week's article.

Entry 1

I have never felt infearer to the U.S. nor superior.
Entry 2
Believe me, I know because I lived in Arizona and Dallas 10 years collectively and have seen their high school and collage sports explode in appreciation and seen how apathetic people are here in Canada.

there were a couple others too ExPat, just gotta look a little harder. (i dont think he types this himself... it may be some sort of "you talk it types" kinda thing. just a thought... in which case, his gruffness (especailly in the way he talks) could be blamed

I like his answer... "Not Really"

Thats what I would say too.

I have to disagree with him about the NFL "crushing" the CFL in Ontario.
Do you actually think that people would stay away from Ticat games becuase the NFL was in Toronto? He sounds like another Torontonian that feels they are the "Center of the Universe" and that the CFL can't survive without Toronto. I say bring it on. The CFL could easily survive with an NFL team in Toronto.

With a strong team in Ottawa, Montreal and Hamilton who needs the Argos.
I laughed when Schultz said that we would get tired of watching games like the 9-8 Seahawks game!! Was he watching the 11-9 Ticat/ARgo game on Saturday.