Chris Schultz from TSN on "Head Coaching" (2004)

Very interesting article on the dilemna that Head Coaches are always in......this is from 2004

Well worth taking a moment to read this as it may explain why some of us don't think that firing Coach Marshall is the answer....some of the responsibility has to go on the players themselves and how they perform on the field...(although this wasn't the main theme of the article.....but it was mentioned)

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Right from Chris Shutz's book

"Thinking mans game The CFL."

Write your book Chris,the CFL needs one. :thup:

The article while addressing the quality of the players also addresses the fact that a head coach is responsible for maintaining team dicipline and mental toughness. Once the HC loses the respect of his players he is doomed to failure. I don't know if the above is true but is replacing the HC once the season has gotten under way the way to proceed in building a winner?

I agree with you asking the last question in your post my opinion (as uneducated as it is), changing a head coach mid stream is a risky move at best. As soon as you do that, then all the assistant coaches are looking over their shoulders even if they are doing a good's well known that a Head Coach wants to hand-pick his own assistants. Maybe that's good and maybe it's bad.....but at this point, I just think everyone needs to focus on fixing the on-field stuff instead of worrying all day long when their turn for the "visit and final hand-shake" with the GM is coming. Our football ops staff have it in them right now.....I know it!......they just have to find the way to make it work.

Great article.

Favourite parts were:

"the measuring stick of a coach in football is how do the players respond to him?"


"the most powerfull and public message you can send is to eliminate the head coach."

mikey, I don't think our caretaker or anyone says that firing Marshall is the answer, which I assume you mean the answer to winning games. Perhaps the team could have won some games this year.
What I think our caretaker did was come to the conclusion that coach Marshall wasn't performing as a head coach at this time to give us the best chance of being a winner this year and for the next few years. And there is a big difference there. He saw something that he might not have seen in Greg Marshall earlier, something that he believed was detrimental to the direction this team should go in.
But man, tough job to be a head coach at the pro level, very tough indeed, good article.

Had to been hard for Young to admit some mistakes. But it was the professional thing to do.
Cheers to him.