Chris Schultz and Tsn panel

Am i the only one disappointed in Chris Schultz.
When was the last time he picked us to win a game. Now he thinks it will be a Calgary/Montreal Grey Cup. :x

We always play tough at BC place and hope we win again. :rockin:

Just my rant of the week

Yeah, those guys really seem to like Calgary even thought they’ve never really shown that they can play consistently well. Oh well, it’s better if nobody thinks we can win anyway.

I think it's because we don't have much flash as a team, we win ugly sometimes.

I'll take winning ugly every day over being an inconsistent team that looks amazing and then terrible.

u imagine if we play the whole game like the fourth quarter against Winnipeg.
I know there r a lot of non Bishop fans in riderville but man he looked good.
We'll see Sat night but my money is on him.
riders 38 lions 17
9-2 baby :thup:

ill be a bishop fan as soon as he hits the bench and DD takes the field

Very true! The panel is always really high on calgary, for the last three years anyway. I can't wait to see Hank choke in the playoffs yet again!

Well, he picked Sask for the Labour Day game: … N&week=10.. But I was surprised that that was the only time in the last 5 weeks that he picked Sask. He’d have a better record if he believed!! :lol:

Anyways, I’d rather they stay under the radar, no matter how hard that is to do when you have the best record in the league.

Shakes head.....

Schultz is an idiot (More for his commentary than his picks though...). According to his picks we would be 6-4 right now and BC would be 9-1 (going 8-0 until Labour Day). I'm not suprised he picked BC this week. His individual game picking skills suck.

Overall though his West picks are way out of whack when you look at the teams records, but his East picks average out to be actually almost bang on (each weeks picks are off, but in the end the records work out the same).

The League standings if Schultz was right (was bored so I counted them up week by week):

BC 9-1
SK 6-4
EDM 5-5
Cal 3-7

MTL 7-3
TOR 4-6
WPG 3-7
HAM 2-8

But compare that to what "the World" thinks the standings would looke like:

SK 10-0
BC 8-2
EDM 4-6
CAL 4-6

MTL 6-4
WPG 5-5
TOR 2-8
HAM 2-8