Chris Rwabukamba

This guy really impressed me in the Montreal pre-season game. He has excellent speed and completely shadowed the Montreal receiver he was covering. Does anybody know when he will return form his injury and if Chamblin will implement him directly into the defense. I also like that he is a non-import like Ryan Hinds which would be a great ratio-buster.

I asked him after the game on Saturday and he said he should be back in a couple of weeks.

How the hell am I gonna cheer for him?

I can't say his name. I call him Rombakomba. Am I close?

You're not too far off. Here's the pronunciation guide from the TiCats: "Raw-buh-kam-ba"

Thanks Ottawacat. I was close.


Eat em Rawbakomba.

I want a nickle everytime I hear that later.

This player is crying out for a nick name. :wink:

that's one long name to sew on the back of a jersey!!!!!

C. Raw :lol:

(I like Chumbawamba better lol)