Chris Rudge

The Argos will soon be announcing a major contract extension for Chris Rudge, that will take him to 2018

I hope not.

1991argo will be very pleased to hear this.

If he is instrumental in obtaining a stadium development/deal for the Argonauts, I would suggest he's worth his weight in gold because without this, kiss the Argos in the GTA goodbye, gonzo. That's not something the much loved and affable former owners of the Argos could do. He was born in Mississauga and did a degree at U of T. So's he's an "almost" Toronto guy. Or the former president of the Argos. :wink:

Thinking the same thing tangle. :wink:

This has got to be a joke David Braley can't be so stupid to give this guy a new contract for doing nothing! Chris rudge thinks he so smart that he gets to sit around all day doing nothing and collect a pay cheque while David Braley is no where around toronto to see the Argos day to day operations of the team! How can this bum get rewarded for a new contract to when the team can't draw anything to skydome when it is the most exciting sports team in all of toronto doesn't make sense. I don't need to hear from people how its not about drawing people to skydome right now that there is a bigger picture to it.this team needs fans NOW how are you going to open a new stadium without any fans to come to the game do you think all of a sudden people are just going to buy tickets to the games. We need a leader for this team that has passion,strong work ethic,commitment,a drive to get things done,doesn't take no for an answer,doesn't make up excuses to any obstacle that stands in his way etc... These are all characteristics that Chris rudge does not have he even stated an interview that he's just the old guy that is just trying to have fun in his life right now.

Cfl head office and the fans of Argos should stand up for this and not allow this to happen. This is a serious time in the Argos and cfl future that we get the Argos organization on its feet and build this stadium proper. Cfl and Braley should look for a proper Ceo for the team a Tim lewike type would do wonders for this team. I even say for the cfl to give some of there money to the Argos to get a proper CEO if Braley is to cheap to get a normal CEO for the team.

Send your resume.

I would like to send my resume. As being a life long Argo fan I would work 24/7 to get this franchise back on its feet.

I believe 1991argo is actually Rob black. can only talk about one or two things repeatedly

1991, so you'd rather the Argos go defunct or move to wherever in Canada (unlikely, no stadium on the horizon) than have a guy get a stadium deal done or play at a redone BMO as long as Chris Rudge isn't around with the Argos in any respect?

Ok, how can I say this more succinctly, are you totally daft? :roll: Or maybe you really aren't someone who cares that much about the Argos?

There's a lot more to a president that a guy who can smile and shake hands with fans at a BBQ. Look at Scott Mitchell in Hamilton, McMaster hates him, most urbanists here hate him, many people hate the man because the stadium didn't go to the urbanists and "chic" urbanists location at one particular site they wanted for themselves for their own selfish reasons. But he was instrumental in getting a stadium deal done. That's what it is about sometimes with a president. I've never met Scott Mitchell and don't care in the least if I ever meet him, but Hamilton is getting a new stadium deal done and I know Mr. Mitchell had a lot to do with it. Nice job Mr. Mitchell even if many Hamiltonians hate your guts. I couldn't care less, I'm a Cat fan and IWS as it was was falling apart and a joke with magic markers for seat numbers and splinters in the wooden seats. Not professional in the least when a Junior B type hockey arena on the mountain had individual seats.

You want a lovey dovey type president that sits around with fans, maybe a more non-contact sport like soccer is more you're style. Not sure you are or should be a gridiron fan come to think of it. Whatever works for you.

Fixed it for ya, Rocket.

Perfect example of why the Argos are losing $3M/yr.

It's laughable to hear the usual apologists talking about how Rudge is going to get a new stadium for the Argos. How about a new practice facility first? Rudge can't even manage to accomplish that, but he's the man that's going to front for a new stadium?

This is the same guy who organized the epic failure of the Vancouver Olympics - - widely acknowledged as the "Worst Winter Olympics Ever" so it's hardly a surprise to see him bumbling along as CEO of the Argos.

About the only thing Rudge does is show up to the after party at Shoeless Joes prancing around with his pouffed out hairstyle and white suit trying to impress girls 1/3 of his age.

Really? Care to share how you reached that conclusion?

Worst Olympics ever? You are from another planet.

Area51, the lack of snow problem, if that's what you're referring to here, is not something Mr. Rudge had any control over, obviously.

More like most awesome Olympics ever. People are still talking about how awesome they were. I’ve actually met people who want, more than anything, to move to Vancouver because of those Olympics. Rudge did a great job.

No sure why there is so much hate for the guy. People hate the successful I guess.

Oh yeah that’s for sure! Chris rudge is so successful with running the Argos! I see attendance has really gone up big time with rudge working for them. Rudge has really brought the media and fans attention in toronto to an all time high, I see the coverage of this team everywhere I go in toronto. I am sure rudge will know how to negotiate with getting the right people on board for the stadium project! i like his negotiations skills with running Argo home games with Rogers getting them great Tuesday night and every other day of the week games!

You forgot exclamation marks for two of your sentences, Rocket!

Look, for the Argos to survive long term in Toronto, they need a new stadium or be under the MLSE umbrella at BMO. I would say.

They are also going to need a CEO to be a leader for this team. One that can negotiate deals with politicians,business people and perspective owner for the team. Something that we have clearly seen rudge can not do! As well they are going to need a ceo to work around the clock on getting this stadium project complete. Which rudge does not appear capable of doing!

and how do you know Rudge is not capable of bringing a new stadium to fruition?

Both Braley and Rudge have stated on record that there will be an announcement within the following 8-12 months regarding specifics of the proposed new stadium.

Why not at least allow them this time to delve into the task at hand and reserve judgement until then?

either way, I have a feeling that you will still find fault even if a new stadium is constructed..