Chris Rudge says 2012 Grey Cup is sold out!

I pre-booked my tickets through the Cats as a season ticket holder. Looks like people without connections won't be attending ....

Chris Rudge says he would have already sold 80,000 tickets if they were available.

That's big news.


Not surprising to be part of such a historical event. But it is just a number in some ways, one could argue that number 99 or 101 or 4 etc. are as unique as is 100. Point being I think anyone should be proud of whatever Grey Cup(s) they have attended over the years or whatever ones they will attend in the future.

The 1989 Grey Cup was THE historical event in Canadian Football League history (STILL the best football game I have ever seen).

The only way you can get a Grey Cup ticket now is if you become a Argos Season Ticket Holder or a Ticats Season Ticket Holder, or wait and pay scalpers prices

How many tickets were sold in total?
and is it possible to expand seating at the RC with temps?

Rogers Centre Capacity
Baseball: 49,260 (3,434 seats in private boxes)
Canadian football: 31,074 (expandable to 52,230)
American football: 54,000
Basketball: 22,911 (expandable to 28,708)

thanks TC

Strange that it states Canadian football holds 31,074 yet can be expanded to 52,230, when the stadium holds over 50,000+ seats either way. :?

Might be because they close the upper bowl for regular season games.

Wait… ticat season ticket holder? Tell me how. I was looking forward to going.

[b]The Ticats Season Seat Holder exclusive pre-sale window will be open from May 16 - 18, 2012. Tickets will range from $150-$399 per ticket plus applicable taxes and service charge. More details will be announced closer to the pre-sale window.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of our service representatives at 905-547-2287.[/b]

Thanks so much tc. For a while I was thinking that I wouldn't be able to go, with there being only 1000 seats left and thinking I wouldn't have the money anyway (I'm 19 and washing dishes for a living lol). But I was thinking earlier that I actually could get the money, then I found this thread :frowning: so I'm happy to hear I can still get tickets.

From what I understand the tickets available to Ticat season ticket holders is limited.