Chris Rudge - can't believe his futility and mind set

After reading an article in the Globe and Mail - I am speechless and dumbfounded over the ineptness
And utter foolishness of a comment made by King Rudge over the possibility of hosting a cross over playoff game and not looking forward to it because they would need 20 to 25,000 fans to break even and with their limited resources in finances and people they could not look forward to this scenario with Joy and expectation . I added some here to express the utter foolishness of having this mindset and this type of President running a CFL team . Wow ! Let's just forfeit the game because the president has utterly failed to do his job and the embarrassment called the Toronto Argos rests mostly on his shoulders or lack there of.
I don't know if it is in the drinking water but the toxic words and actions coming from certain people in Toronto like former Mayors and Presidents of the Argos makes us think that some characters from Wonderland could do a far better job. In every other CFL city in Canada this attitude would get you a one way ticket to the outhouse of your choice . I embarrassed to be a CFL fan after hearing this - my - lets bring back the Las Vegas Posse - oh I forgot the national anthem singer that sang O Canada to the tune of O Christmas Tree
At one of their games - he must be employed with the Argos - wasn't his last name Rudge
My hat goes off to all the faithful Argo fans and players - for you I hope this Christmas brings you new owners with an entire new front office staff and a new stadium that will be the envy of the league - O listen
From the Presidents office I hear singing - is that a Christmas Carol - yes that's the office the one with the big " M " on it -

I would not be surprised if the respirator was unplug after this season.

Right on


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I feel sorry for them. They should just give the RB's the game tonight. :wink:

Wow.. Just wow..
What a numnuts :lol: :lol:

IMO, Rudge is a terrible CEO and this is not the first time he has tarnished the Argos brand publicly via the media, going so far as to deride the very company/business that he is paid to represent and cultivate..

[b]“I can’t tell people yet that this (Argos) is big time,? said Rudge. (June 28, 2013) [/b]

Well I would have to think there is some method behind the madness here. Something is going on for sure, exactly what I don't know but something is up as I agree, a CEO generally speaking, doesn't talk like that about the team/organization with potential playoff game. I always thought a CEO should be positive, positive, positive no matter what with the playoffs looming. But what do I know? :?

For sure, Argo faithful are some of the best fans this league has ever known, that's for sure. :thup:

Wow, what a gong show. Can't afford to host a playoff game? This sounds more like a Jr. B Hockey team and people wonder why this team is becoming more irrelevant here. McCown will have a field day with this, if the Argos make the playoffs.

Braley stated that no negotiations will take place re: stadium or sale until the off season because he doesn't want it to be a distraction?....too late for that.

Gee what a surprise :roll: Okay all you(True) Double Blue fans,let's hear from ya all about this situation because far be it for us fans of other teams in this league to bash the Argos and tell it like it is.Is it any wonder that your team is in the situation it's in when you have an absolute IDIOT like that as your CEO,not to mention a slug of an owner who rumour has it that he is so tight with the budget and money that when he squeezes a nickel the beaver bites the queen's arse. IMO it's truly sad and pathetic that a franchise like the Argos has been literally flushed down the toilet by the very men who are supposedly in charge of the ship.I can't believe that a CEO of an organization would say such an outlandish statement as Chris Rudge has in this article,but then again hey what do I know ? I'm only a fan of another team and according to some if you're a fan of any other team but the Argos then you are not entitled to comment on their current situation and if you do happen to comment on it then all you are doing is bashing and trashing the team :roll: Well Newsflash for ya....the team is doing a pretty good job of that all by themselves when you read articles and statements like the ones mentioned in this link. :oops: :thdn:

News Flash: The Argos will have a new President/CEO for next season! :thup:
Hopefully the Argos will lose tonight and save their management the trouble and expense of hosting a playoff game. That's kinda funny, everyone thought Rocket/Argo1991 was a wing nut, but it turns out he was a genius all along!

Wow !!!! Just where is he anyway ? Anyone know ? His last post was almost 2 and a half months ago (Aug 26th).
Maybe the Witness Protection Program ? Sleeping with the fishes ala Luca Brasi ? Banned ? Using an altar ego ? Jail ?MIA?
He certainly did drive us all NUTS with his never ending obsession with old "Numbnuts" and "Cheapskate" but unbelievably I have to agree with Xvys,it turns out that Rocket/Argo1991 was indeed a genius all along. :lol:
Hey if you're out there Rocket,let's hear from ya....Holler !! Holler !! :lol: :cowboy:

I thought the CFL runs the Playoff games and takes over the gate receipts etc. Some teams in the past have purchased the "game" back from the League by guaranteeing the amount of money needed to cover all expenses. Then that team can make a profit on receipts over the break even amount the League needs to cover expenses for the game. So IMO any financial loss for an Argonaut home playoff game is covered by the League.
Somebody can correct me if I'm wrong.

actually, Argo1991 last posted on the 8th of June, but last visited the forums on Aug.26

I would suspect he was banned as it is implausible that the incessant rants against Rudge/Braley would just automatically cease in one fell swoop as it did.

and as obsessive as he was, there is no denying the accuracy of his missives.

My understanding is that the costs of a playoff game, including transportation and all player salaries, belong to the league. If the host team chooses to pay for it, they can, and any profit (or loss) is all theirs. Most teams have been doing this lately, as a playoff game is usually a financial windfall.

If Rudge doesn’t want to lose all that money, why don’t the Argos just let the league pay for it? If I’m not mistaken, that is still an option. And if somehow the place gets packed to the rafters, the league gets the profit.

That is what I thought too and remember discussions about that the last couple of times the Ti-Cats hosted the semi-finals. Here is what I found on this website.

The comments by Ti-Cats Mitchell on PTS at the link in the quote below pretty much covers it.

[b]How much does it cost to purchase the rights for a CFL playoff or Grey Cup game? Who holds the rights to CFL playoff games? Who pays for the CFL playoff share and travel expenses?[/b]

Starting in 2011, teams are required to purchase the rights to playoff games from the league for an apparent $100,000 (thanks Jacquie). Prior to 2011, teams had the option of purchasing the rights to playoff games from the league for a specific dollar amount and keep all profit (or any loss), or let the expenses/revenue be shared at the league level.

Purchasing the game from the league has a cost of $100,000 plus assuming all expenses for the game, specifically both team's playoff shares and the visiting team's travel expenses (flights and hotel) as well as marketing costs. The host team's profit/loss is determined after all their expenses are paid against their ticket, concession and other ancillary revenue received from the game.

Based on Tiger-Cat President Scott Mitchell's comments on Prime Time Sports Nov. 4, 2010 (about 3:12 in,

  • [url=] ... tchell.mp3[/url]

It appears the current cost of holding a semi-final game is in the $900,000 range (north of $750,000, close to seven figures). Assuming this includes the playoff shares for two teams (50 x 2 x $3,300 = $330,000) and travel expenses ($150,000) this would indicate additional expenses of $300,000 - $450,000 for the game, including a $100,000 guarantee to the league.

This is similar to the cost of $100,000 reported just a few years ago. Teams have had tight timelines and complicated decisions to make regarding purchasing a playoff game from the league. Based on Mitchell's comments, it appeared in the last few years the option existed that teams needed to provide notice to the league of their intentions before it was even clear whether they would host a game or who their opponent may be.

Prior to 2011, if a team chose not to purchase a playoff game, the gate was split equally among all teams in the league and expenses were paid by the league. Without a stake in the game, franchises were more tempted to spend less promoting the game, even when a smaller crowd affected their home field advantage. We assume the CFL closed this embarrasing loophole for this reason.

My guess is if it had been the Ticats visiting they would have bought the game but they will probably stick the league with the loss if they get the game and have a Western opponent. I'm really hoping Hamilton get's a home playoff game.

So in other words, the rest of the CFL wants Hamilton to win, so at least one team makes a profit with that playoff game, which is better for the league as a whole.

From the Toronto Sun Friday June 28,2013,almost a year and a half ago,printed after last years Cats-Argos 2013 season opener at the Rogers.Thought it was worthy to repost the story link considering Rudges comments of today.

I can't tell people yet that this is big time,said Rudge. I don't know if we're still on the C list. But were not on the A list yet.And we've got to climb our way back,and we recognize that and are working hard to do it ..........Working Hard ? Seriously ? Doing exactly what ? I tell you the answer,it's simple really Rudge has been Working hard doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING !!!! and Lots of it. But far be it for me and others to Bash the Argos :roll: FRIGGIN JOKE !!!!!

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