Chris "Roadrunner" Williams

It's been years since I've seen such a speedy, elusive and explosive player like Williams..Opposing D's look quite foolish scrambling after him.

Even the most ardent couch potato jumps to their feet when he has the ball.

I can't believe the numbers he is posting as a first year player.
Chris is on pace to chalk up 1,400 yards receiving with 8TD's in his rookie campaign and was only named a starter in the 3rd game this season.

He seems to be a combination of Earl Winfield and Raghib Ismail

It is scary what kind of stats Williams may reveal with a little more experience in subsequent seasons.

It wouldn't surprise me to see him hit 10,000 yards in a season in receiving in the not too distant future.

(okay, I'm embellishing, although 2,000 yards may be within his scope)

I seem to recall a #7 for the Riders with a similar stature to Williams torching Ticat DB's in years past as well as posting 1,123 receiving yards in his rookie year in 2008.

Williams is a lot more talented though, and he and is listed at 71 kg, #7 on the rides is listed at 81 kg, he looks a little smaller than that. I would take Williams over #7 on the rides any day whooooo :rockin:

That would surprise me

From Glen Suitor’s column:

Staying in the east, after nine games it is pretty clear who the runaway front runner is for rookie of the year in the CFL.

It is Ticat receiver Chris Williams who is making a habit of running away from veteran defensive backs in the league. Williams is currently tied for second with Geroy Simon in receiving yards behind only Jamel Richardson.

But, what is truly remarkable about the first year Ticat is how he is wracking up his yardage.

At 5’9 and 155 pounds he is one of the smallest guys in the league but he plays big and is truly one of those, “get you up out of your seat? guys.

Clarence Denmark in Winnipeg could take a run at Williams but right now, Hamilton’s number 80 is running away from DB’s and is the run away leader for top rook.

Chris Williams is having a fantastic season so far! :thup:

I think more like speedy then the Road Runner

Hi Onknight:

Your graphic is great!!!!!!!!

Pass that up to the Tiger cat merchandise people. With proper acknowledgement/compensation to the copyright holders, that would make a terrific T shirt!!!!

It would make a great T-shirt :slight_smile:

here a good story on Chris

[url=] ... e-a-rookie[/url]

Had a look at it, Onknight. Thank you.

I love this man's attitude about his game!!!

He's been one of the many difference makers on the team this year.

The Young wideout are growing up quickly

My worries are Williams will get a NFL Look quickly

I certainly hope not. His diminitive stature may prevent interest from the NFL.

He’s perfect for the CFL game no doubt.

I think the height issue is what brought him to Hamilton to begin with. However, his speed, great hands and focus may more than make up for that and may end up getting him that NFL tryout anyway.

That would indeed be a sad day for Glenn, Jones and all of us who cheer for the black and gold!!!

don’t say that old fan!

You’re bursting my rose colored bubble. :cry:

Obie needs to lock up Williams long term asap before the greedy NFL gets their paws on him.

Hey Tangleweb:

Please, please, please don't misunderstand. I, certainly by no means, am wishing what I am suggesting!!!!!!!

I do hope Obie can keep his magic around for a long, long time. Chris is most productive and a lot of fun to watch.

His presence in a Tiger cat uniform could perhaps, alone, increase season ticket sales for next year!!!!

don't mind me old fan....As you, I'd hate the thought of this sparkplug leaving the Hammer.

He's one of those players who come around once every 20 years or so and we need to keep him.

Nice to meet you BTW. cheers!

don't mind me old fan....As you, I'd hate the thought of this sparkplug leaving the Hammer.

He's one of those players who come around once every 20 years or so and we need to keep him.

Nice to meet you BTW. cheers!

I totally emphasize with your concern. It has been a while since we witnessed this level of youthful talent in a Tiger cat uniform.

I'm fairly new to this forum, so I'm still getting to know all the names. My apologies for misspelling your handle tangledweb.

Good to meet you too!

Chris Williams really reminds me of Steve Stapler they are very similar players.

CW is as slippery as a trout. :thup:

The way he stays on his feet when he’s hit, I keep thing of the old toy slogan, “Weebles wobble, but they won’t fall down.”