Chris Reynolds is your future

bookmark it here, he will replace Jake Maier and lead your franchise into your next dynasty

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When will this happen?!

By Week 10, expect the start of your next dynasty

All right then, we’ll see…

Some hope yer right… Other hope yer wrong… Either way the Stamps gonna be a contender yet again!

We’ll let’s get this Chris guy going because I’m sure done with the maier experiment…


Week 10 my friend, patient is key

Lol, well, week 10 it is and lookee here a fourth quarter QB switch up…


The prophesy begins

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First nice prediction. Good job. Respect

Did the prophesy include throwing a pick on his first pass? Not quite the auspicious start.

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To be fair, pantherpride did not say the future would start off super great….


Dropping Chris Reynolds into that clusterf**k with 6:43 remaining was hardly fair. Dickenson was putting Maier out of harm’s way and Reynolds was just the next punching bag up.

If Maier puts up the same woefully inadequate numbers against Winnipeg and Toronto then I’d give Reynolds the start against Edmonton. Backups thrive against THAT team. Look how far Dru Brown progressed against them. It’s almost like the Elks are the ‘training wheels’ of the CFL.

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I’m telling you, the LDC is exactly the nexus point where the stamps and elks are vectoring towards from different directions…the stamps declining and some glimmers of hope now for the elk…


The fact that your third string QB even got in a game on week 10, I consider this post an absolute win. This post was just light humor when I made it, due to Reynolds going to the same college I went to.


And my post was a little bit of jest, and most respect for calling your shot and then it happening. :+1:t2:

soon that hope

He says down the same BS excuses after each Loss! Dickenson has no clue!

So I know what happened to the green dndvwhite…
But when the did the Cowtown team decline to such levels as they now find themselves in …
By the way, riders acquired Pipkin today… that ain’t gonna help any more than a bag full of warm spit would help either team

Why not give Stevens a shot, fast, big, good arm.

Also, I am tired of the same answers given by both Dickensom, Meier, gotta put the work, I gotta be better, etc. Same song each week.

Where is the fire in them, get pissed off, kick a grabage can around, show some emotion for a change, shake hands well after the game, not right away when you should be mad if you lose.

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