After 13 years on the job, Chris Puskas, head athletic therapist of the Cats is moving to Mac.

His high standards and professionalism and commitment were exemplary.

I want to publicly say thanks to Chris for the job he did, and the warm, cordial relationship he had with all in the organization as I could see it.

He's leaving behind BIG shoes to fill. I wish the club well finding a person as qualified as Chris.

And so life goes on.


He has to be one of the greatest therapists in the CFL. I am sure he will be missed.

I know the girl with the dark hair has been his assistant for a few seasons now. Maybe she is ready to step up and take over.

Very well put, Pusky's always represented this club and himself like a true pro, I wish him and his family the very best.

I echo the sentiments above. Thanks Chris.

The Ticats have already begun the search for Puskas' replacement, and assistant athletic therapist, Chellaine Shockness, who has been with the club eight years, is expected to be a leading candidate.

Chris did great Job

I hope Hire Chellaine Shockness, as the New Head athletic therapist
She alright knows the players and should get this shot

Ya that's Chellaine Shockness and she knows her stuff