Chris, please come back!

Just thought I'd try something a little different. There's another thread full of opinions about contractual obligations and Twitter follies. I've posted a few times in it myself. And assuming the player in question has been reading it, he won't be feeling a lot of love right about now.

So ... how about a thread dedicated to reasons why Chris Williams should continue to play in Hamilton, for at least another 1-2 years?

I'll start. Chris, you're a superstar in the CFL. You've got a chance to become a legend if you keep working your magic. This league is built for a player of your size, speed and quickness. You'll get more touches than most receivers could ever dream of, and be a major part of the team's offence.

Come back, and all this off-season nonsense will be water under the bridge. The fans will love you (most of them, anyway). They will cheer your name and wear your jersey. You'll be a bona fide hero in Hamilton. And Guelph too, for that matter! And you'll make a pretty good living at triple last year's salary. What's not to love?

yo chris, dont worry, be happy

how about the cats have been around longer then chris williams weve survived without him and guess what chris WILL SURVIVE WITHOUT YA if the grass is greener then heres hoping u dont eat crow CYA supersatar

Sorry but his attitude is nothing short of pathetic, best of luck cracking an NFL roster superstar.

Yes Chris, please return to the team. But first, man up, admit you are wrong and that you threw/are throwing a tantrum and that it was/is a heat of the moment emotional outburst. Admit and confirm that you will allow your agent to negotiate, in private without your rather public input in the future. Be humble, act humble and show your remorse and regret for your current behaviour by tearing up the field in the coming year for what ever $ amount it turns out to be, without comment or negative actions.

Otherwise, after you sit for a year and give your NFL dream a shot, go join the agrblows or the Bombers or some other "team" made up of individuals who care only for their own self interest, regardless of what they have previously promised to do.

Mitchell says CW cut them off at the end of 2012 season which means their little scheme was hatched a while ago so the claims made by the agent aren't recent discoveries and it isnt sudden attack of disrespect by HAM mangement .

Hard to say if CW's agent is a direct reflection of what CW is like personally but with all available evidence how can anyone still want a cancer like this on the team ?

We are all looking for the second coming of Chris. :cry:

He's acting like a little child by ignoring the organization. I don't even know if I want him on the team now anyway. If he somehow comes back, is he going to sulk and ignore the coaches when he doesn't get enough touches?

NFL teams are calling for him now, but I doubt he'll get much of a signing bonus, if at all, after being out of football for an entire year.

If he did in fact cut off communications at the end of last season, then I guess this was all part of a plan. So, apparently, is the suggestion that his contract is invalid. If the team has offered a new contract and he's rejected it, then the team should expect him to fulfil his existing contract and suspend him if he doesn't show up. He can then sit out the year and try the NFL next year if a team there still wants him. Or re-sign in the CFL with another team. It seems his time in Hamilton is done. That's his choice. Too bad.

He should request a trade to the arhos. They seem to like releasing players under contract to go the NFL. That way maybe the Cats can get someone for him. Realistically that won't happen.

I would like to see him stay but I think CW is done with the Cats.

At least if he tries the NFL and it doesn't work, we will have someone to replace O'Shea as the next generations favorite target when he returns to the CFL. Even better if he goes to the arhos.

Yes its difficult now to see any scenario that would successfully get Williams back into a Ti-Cats uniform. At this point, it seems the relationship between Williams and the team/fans has gone toxic. Even if the team opened the vault and gave Williams enough money to persuade him to stay, he would be booed like John Farrell every time he took the field or touched the ball here and I'm sure he wouldn't be the most popular guy in the locker room.

Oh, well. I tried. Not as much love out there as I'd hoped.

What did you expect? This baby owes me 100.00 for wasting my money on putting his crappy name on my jersey

I think if CW signed to stay here the fans would welcome him back and all would be forgotten after the first TD return. Now if becomes back with a large contract but his play ducks, I am sure the boos would rain down on him. If that happens he should be thankful it won't be at IWS.

I totally support him as a player, and if he's part of the team this coming season, I will be cheering him on as he hopefully sets even more records for us on is way to leading he team to success.

Unfortunately, money gets in the way of many things. I agree that he is extremely underpaid. The team has tried to remedy this situation by offering a lucrative (by CFL standards) contract, which he has turned down, presumably because he wants to try grabbing for the brass ring in the NFL. And I do not begrudge him wanting to make that attempt. But he did sign a contract, and in my opinion, should fulfill that contract. (Like another poster, I too have taken contract positions. But unlike that poster, I would never consider leaving a contract in the middle without agreement from the other party.)

I really hope he changes his mind and stays in Hamilton. If not, I wish him well; he deserves success.

And I hope he has learned what not to say on Twitter.

Really ? Hope he has an off season job that pays well.

As much as I enjoyed watching Chris Williams’ talent the last couple of seasons, and would like to see him again in a Tiger cat uniform, I would agree with Hfxtc that I doubt the team will open up the vault that much to bring him back. There are plenty of players who will not qualify for the NFL and hundreds of NCAA schools producing talent that would gladly take the opportunity that he is turning up his nose to. Quite possibly there are leads being developed as I write this.

If the scouting staff could locate him and others like Marcus Thigpen, then there will choices and replacements for Chris Williams.

I learned very quickly working in this world, that EVERYONE is replaceable. A lesson Chris Williams is about to be schooled on.

Yep. I think Charles de Gaulle said it best: The graveyards are filled with indispensable people.

Why should he owe you ANYTHING? He gets ZERO $$ from the Ticats for all those jerseys sold with HIS name on the back!

I'm with you.. Come back Chris.
If not, good luck in the NFL.