Chris Matthews?

Was checking the Als roster and noticed Chris Matthews, when did that happen?

Edit: Just heard about it during Win/Sask game, looks like it was done today. Good insurance for the rest of the year

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Ah!! I checked thinking it was today but realized it was friday


Herb saying Matthews won’t dress against BC as he has to learn the playbook.

As I would expect … unless an injury between now and then changes things … wonder if he will be added to the 46 man roster or remain one the PR.

None of the current international receivers should sit for him. Hoping he is only a depth signing.

I thought he would fill up for Cunningham


Cunningham has missed two games, so some receiver who played those games would have to sit … or another American be taken out to make room for another American receiver.

Devant les performances récentes de Posey, Lewis, Bray et Wieneke, je vois mal dans quelle mesure les Alouettes ont vraiment besoin de Matthews, sinon en cas de blessure à l’un de ceux-là.

C’est d’autant plus vrai qu’Adams commence à avoir une bonne chimie avec ces receveurs. Les Alouettes ont besoin de points présentement car la fin de calendrier ne sera pas si facile. Il n’est donc pas nécessaire maintenant de chambouler cette unité qui commence à réaliser de belles choses.

Well the Als have found room for Matthews on the roster.
& is starting to look good as a Red Zone 50-50 ball receiver

If the team is patient Matthews, give him three to four weeks and he’s going to find his game.

He almost made me pissed myself jumping in the line with cheer team and shaking his pom-poms last night.

Well so far so good. He was VA’s RED zone target vs Bombers.

I expected Matthews to have a big game vs us, but don’t expect that too often.
I think he’s pretty complacent and can be seen as lazy, but the talent is there.
I was disappointed he was let go though, because I feel he’s the kind of guy that can change a game (as we just saw) and will I think he will rise up for a playoff game.

U got it. The ALS looked dead in the water coming into this season.
All the craziness around them. As well as not having a for sure
QB since AC.
Khari jones got thrust into the HC job a week before the first game. New DC that never coached in CFL.
No owner. Gm fired. So really no Gm.

Khari Jones basically wearing 4 hats.
HC. OC. QB coach. & asst GM for lack of a better way to put it.
He started putting pieces in place that were not on original roster.
First Chris Ackie & recently Chris Matthews.
He put his money on VA.

Jones is just flat out getting the best outa every player & got the buy in as a team.

Hats off to him