Chris Leak

Oh, I don't dispute that Berry dialed up some ... odd ... plays in the second half. In particular, I wasn't impressed with his run selection. Every time Cates would rip off a big gain, they'd go right back to the same play and get stuffed.

And sorry, I do believe that the Riders poor offensive performance in the 2nd half had significantly more to do with the Riders themselves than the Als defense. Not saying the Als did not play I said they read into a predictable offensive scheme, and that is smart football. By the Riders inability to change things up in the second half, and miss open targets (there were a few clearly broken plays/drops/bad throws with minimal rush), bad run calling (passing deep on 2nd and 2 too much) they kept a very smart offensive with one of the best QBs of all time on the field, and eventually a D that plays like 22 minutes in a half is going to get stung by a team as great as the way around that, don't care what defense it is.
I can't really disagree. Part of why the Riders struggle was due to having a relatively inexperienced QB at the controls. People have to remember that as good as Durant has been, he was only in his second year as the starter. He still has to improve at going through his progressions -- at times, his inability to check down made a play look poorly designed when in fact there were likely hot routes and secondary and tertiary reads available to him. Durant will improve with time. Very few QBs come into the league being able to execute in the biggest pressure situation possible (the Grey Cup).

All in all, I'd say a variety of factors led to the Riders being ineffective in the second half, and yet, with despite that, the game was still only decided by a field goal. It was a tremendous football game and I am sure that the Riders will be back.

Sooo how bout that Chris leak? :lol:

Les Roughriders ont fait un bon pari avec Leak. Il n'est pas menaçant pour Durant et est un joueur d'équipe. Si Leak n'a pas convaincu à Montréal, c'est qu'il avait un gars plus prêt que lui sur son chemin. Leak peut encore s'améliorer. Est-ce aussi le cas pour Dinwiddie? Possible, mais à son âge et sans voir de jeu, c'est moins probable.

Leak sera un très bon #3 en 2011, et probablement un bon #2 en 2012.


The Roughriders have done a good bet with Leak. It is not threatening to Durant and is a team player. If Leak was not satisfied in Montreal, he is a guy more ready than him on his way. Leak can still improve. Is this also the case for Dinwiddie? Possible, but at his age and without seeing the game, it's less likely.

Leak will be a very good # 3 in 2011, and probably a good # 2 in 2012.

Never having been impressed at all with Dinwiddie, I’ll venture to guess that Leak is #2 this season.

Merci d'avoir traduit! Je ne suis pas certain, mais je crois qu'il faut remplacer "he is" par "tere waz", ou quelque chose comme ça.

I Think Cole Bergquist might have a bit to say about it as well.

I suppose that's possible too, I know next to nothing about him and have never seen him play so I sure can't say. . .

I like Dinwiddie as a solid #2.

I ask myself, if Durant went down for 6 weeks, would I be comfortable with Dinwiddie at the helm? The answer is yes.

With Leak, not really. Of course I know not much about him at all, but going by his only start last year against the Lions, I'd be more than nervous.

That's not to say that with some development and a little experience he could be a good QB, I really can't say. but the #2 guy has to be capable of running the show in an emergency. As of right now, Dinwiddie is that guy. Period.

I just dont see a big point in developing Dinwiddie at his age when your starting QB is younger. If Dinwiddie had decent experience I could understand keeping him on, but at 32 and basically no CFL experience, what is the point? He might be a great QB, but I would have to think is not going to take on the starting role unless DD decides to leave or is seriously hurt. Why would tyou not put your energy into a younger QB?

Je partage cette vision, d'autant plus que je crois que Durant sera un des bons quarts de l'histoire de cette ligue, s'il peut éviter les blessures. Durant doit principalement travailler sur deux points : réduire les interceptions et améliorer sa lecture des défensives. L'un et l'autre viennent avec l'expérience, et Durant a tout le talent et surtout l'intelligence pour y parvenir.

Par contre, lorsqu'il s'agit de choisir un quart en relève du partant, bien des facteurs entrent en ligne de compte. Si la blessure est de courte durée et que l'équipe est bien installée au sommet de sa division (comme les Alouettes en octobre 2009), on peut prendre le risque de faire jouer le #3. Mais dans tous les autres cas, l'équipe doit faire jouer le quart qui a le plus de chances de lui faire gagner la partie. En principe, c'est le #2.

yes I agree, DDs interceptions need to come down, but he is doing more than acceptable for his experience level, and has openly talked that he knows it is something he needs to work on. As you say, he is a fairly young QB and just coming into his prime. Once he is at the point where he does not have to overthink things and just let his natural abilities / fitness take over things could be very very impressive. And yes, I agree that the backup role selection will be interesting. I agree that a chance can be taken on #3 and #4. It would not shock me if Dinwiddie made the team, but it would also not shock me if they parted ways with him. The pro of keeping him is that there will unlikely be anyone looking at signing him away elsewhere.

oh, I guess i should have pointed out that as you say, he seems to have the talent and intelligence to move to the next level but needs to focus on reducing interceptions and improve his defensive reading, well, I can not argue that. I think he second guesses himself still. If he can get over mid flat man-over-zone D, and learn how to read it, he will be impressive

I am hoping that whoever is #2 QB, that they get some real minutes. If we are lucky to blowout some teams, pull DD and allow another guy to get valued reps and keep DD healthy. Whether it was Miller's stance to let him mop up or DD being stubborn.....I hope this changes under marshall.

Well I was going by the standard accepted definitions of #2 and #3 thus being:

#2 The guy most capable of stepping in and taking over with the least drop off in performance. The guy most game-ready.

#3 The next most capable guy, but usually reserved as a development slot on the roster.

Well who did the Riders blow out last year?

BC twice, Labour Day (kinda) and Edmonton last game of the year (not really) - let's just call those 4 games their most convincing wins for argument sake, and except for MAYBE the 2nd Lions game the Riders didn't really open up a big lead until the late 3rd, early 4th quarter.

And Dinwiddie did get into a couple games when they got smoked. The ugly Edmonton game comes to mind where he threw 2 TDs to Koch in garbage time (and a pick too if I recall).

I agree that whomever #2 is they need some reps. I am also a firm believer that when a QB struggles for 3 or so drives that he should sit a series and get a different view, then go back in. Good opportunity for REAL reps there.

That's actually a very good point.

Printers would look better in green and white then leak.

Lets think about this, Leak is still unproven as far as I'm concerned while Printers is now a widley known bust....