Chris Leak

thoughts on the signing?

My preliminary thought is that he has a decent shot at beating out Dinwiddie for the #2 spot. Don't see him as a threat to Durant's position at #1 though. Not yet, anyway.

I would agree. I just don't know a pile about him. I would have to think with Ryan Dinwiddie's age (32 or something) and that he still hasn't a bunch of experience, that his future could be brief. Tough to put the time into a guy who should be peeking in his career.

I am thinking he'll be competing for A Roster spot.. don't see him as the #2 when the season starts.

i would think he will be # 2, and Dinwiddie will be out, unless there is a b/u on the squad that makes more

Durant Leak Zabransky would be my guess, just because I like rolling the dice :stuck_out_tongue:

Weird, when you combine Durant's name, with Leaks name and Zabransky's name.. it spells controversy? go figure! :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

Durant throwing for 5500 yards last season and leading the Riders to a second Grey Cup experiance debunks and "quarterback controversy". The Riders know who their number 1 guy is going into the season. I dont see Leak beating out Dinwiddie for number two either.

Winnipeg should have taken their chances with Dinwiddie as starter. He likely could have been very effective and still could be in a number one role with a team who needs a quarterback.

Yeah, I don’t know what the Bombers are doing with the QB situation. They have let a few good guys go. I am not sold on Dinner, as he saw little action, but he looked not bad the tiny bit he did have and seems to have a really strong arm. I expect to see more of the backup this year, whomever it is. I think the Riders realized late last year that because nobody had taken snaps early they were not in a good situation late when fighting for standings down the stretch. When they went into that horrid skid they had little choice but to ride a less than 100% DD. I do question if this was lack of faith in the backups, DD insisting on playing or Miller feeling it was a good way to further DD’s development and bolster his confidence. It was likely a combination of all.

Just my opinion, but I still believe that Durant wasn't 100% during the Grey Cup game. He hardly scrambled at all and didn't seem stable enough in the lower body to plant and make good accurate throws with consistency. And I don't blame Miller and Berry for not having a ton of confidence in Dinwiddie. Competition in TC will hopefully lead to the best person being chosen to back up Durant.

I doubt you could get him to admit it but I would agree with you. Of course you may be hard pressed to find anyone in the Grey Cup who is 100%. This year hopefully he can finish the job by staying healthy.

The Grey Cup game, IMO, was lost on defense. The Alouettes did a great job of moving the football and our defense could not get off the field in the second half. It is hard to win football games with your offense on the sidelines. When are offense did finally hit the field they were out of sink from sitting on the cold sideline for so long.

Don't agree there green. . . to me, the Riders didn't lose the game, Montreal won it. More than just semantics in this case I think.

And I believe Montreal won it on defence. Totally shut down Saskatchewan's offence particularly in the second half. . . what was it, 8 or 9 punts in a row ? To me, that wasn't an example of anemic offence by the Riders, but rather great defence by Montreal.

If you would quote my post or read my post in its entirety you would see that I dont disagree with that statement one bit. Montreal's offense, although they didnt score alot of points, ate up alot of the clock and kept the Rider offense on a cold sideline.

Yes, I think we're both looking at the same coin. . . just different sides, but the same coin.

I believe they actually stated that he had a bumbed leg/hamstring and that it was aggravated when playing the Stamps. If memory serves correctly, they were rather open that DD was not going into the GC at 100%. I think he was like 90%+ there though, and I think this happened mid season (week 12) originally.

I disagree with both of you. The riders punted what...9 times in a row 3rd/4th quarter, then got 1 FD and punted. This was not because of good defense...they were missing passes, missing routes, Getz dropped a few (one HUGE one in the 4th), Andy came forward after the game and was very vocal about how upset he was with the play was some of the worst play calling of the year. the runs were predictable, and any time there was any success on a run they called almost an identical play the next down. 2nd and short they went deep continually. The Riders offense threw a win away...mainly from the calls.

The D played pretty good. They had AC fairly stumped most of the game...but when you can't get a first down and leave your D on the field THAT long, what do you expect. I think the D played very well. Like 2009, it was the offensive play calling and execution in the second half. Not sure if this is on Berry or Miller. I have a feeling it may be on Miller, but this year will tell us for sure, because it happened too much the past 2 seasons.

To me, this is a case of fans needing to respect the opposition, on both sides. I give Saskatchewan full credit for dialing up a great D package to give my Als problems in the first half. They were lining up for some exotic blitzes, to the point where neither Calvillo nor the O-line knew where the extra man was coming from on a given snap. Any time you can confuse a future Hall of Fame quarterback like Anthony Calvillo for close to 30 minutes, you've done something right.

On the other hand, I would also argue that Calvillo and the offense took control of the game in the second half. They ate up time of possession, particularly in the third quarter, adjusting to SSK's blitzes by using the quick passing game and by attacking the Riders' perimeter on the ground. Doing so blunted the Riders' pass rush and allowed us to control the tempo of the second half. Calvillo finished the game with over 300 yards passing -- I'd hardly say the Riders 'stumped' him. In fact, were it not for S.J. Green missing a very catchable deep ball in the second half and Duval's placekicking struggles, we might have put up more points on the board.

As for Berry's supposedly poor playcalling, I agree up to a point, but you also have to give credit to the Als' defense for stepping up. Billy Parker had an outstanding game against Chris Getzlaf. The pass rush was effective against Durant, due to a combination of factors: Durant wasn't at 100% and couldn't scramble effectively, Bowman and Stewart had great individual games, and Tim Burke and Mike Sinclair presented SSK with some great plays and defensive fronts. Andy Fantuz can complain about the playcalling all he wants. The fact remains that it was HIS offside penalty that negated a lengthy Durant scramble in the final minute of the fourth quarter; on the ensuing play, Durant threw the infamous pick to Parker, basically sealing the win for the Als. I don't disagree that Berry and Miller could have done better in the second half. But Tim Burke and the Als' defense deserve credit for shutting down one of the most explosive offenses in the league in a pressure situation.

oh, dont get me wrong, the Als played better, I am not arguing that...they earned the win clearly. All I am saying is that the offense of the Riders was a significant reason for the turnaround. yes, AC had big yards, because they did adjust. The Riders D was on the field way too much for a team like the Als not to crack the code, and the rider offense put them there. And sorry, I do believe that the Riders poor offensive performance in the 2nd half had significantly more to do with the Riders themselves than the Als defense. Not saying the Als did not play I said they read into a predictable offensive scheme, and that is smart football. By the Riders inability to change things up in the second half, and miss open targets (there were a few clearly broken plays/drops/bad throws with minimal rush), bad run calling (passing deep on 2nd and 2 too much) they kept a very smart offensive with one of the best QBs of all time on the field, and eventually a D that plays like 22 minutes in a half is going to get stung by a team as great as the way around that, don't care what defense it is.