Chris Leak

Herb Z's has got a good point. Why would the Alouettes pick someone up that was cut 3 days into camp? Did he just suck or Hamilton was never interested?

Sorry but he doesn't,
Why not pick him up? Its not like the Als have to keep him.
If he sucked then they can release him
If Hamilton never wanted him then he could be a good pickup,

Trust me.
If the Als didn't pick him up, Herb would be whining about "Lost opportunities"

I actually think it might be a better pick up for Montreal.

Hamilton sounds like they're set at QB. Printers is the starter, and he's only 27. He still has quite a few years left in him. Plus they have Richie Williams who looked like a solid back-up last year. Then you have Timmy Chang, and I'm still not sure how I feel about him... but people seem to like him.

But in Montreal, outside of AC and Marcus Brady, who do you guys have? Plus it's time to start looking at some younger guys to take over since AC turns 36 in August. Unless he plans on taking the Damon Allen route, I'd imagine he'll be thinking about retirement in a couple years.

Herb Z. full of it once again. No reason not to give Leak a whirl and see what happens. If he doesn't pan out, cut him.

What if Brady, McPherson, Santos and Banks all do great tonight. Their gonna cut one of them? Or does that leave Leak with 1 week to learn the playbook, get to know his receivers, and adjust to the small differences on a CFL field?

Next week, you can bet Calvillo will get quite a bit of playing time, then where does the other 5 stand?

Practice roster?

My guess is that AC is #1, Brady and Banks fight for #2 (Brady wins handily) and MacPherson fights Santos for #3 (MacPherson wins) Banks and Santos will be released. Where that leaves Leak is anyone's guess.

One of the guys will end up on the practice roster

Santos is the most accurate passer on the roster. He should be given a long look as accuracy along with his flat out desire to win makes everyone around him better. He's worth keeping for the long haul.

I am a fan of his as well but we haven’t seen arm strenght or any long passes from him. Guys who have attended practice are saying similar things. He was very acurate in his game time last week and he seems to be very good at applying his coach’s system. I’d like the Als to keep all 3 young guys for a while. We’ll find out by Saturday…

Of the 3 young QB’s. He’s the most like Calvillo.

You gotta give leak a shot. He is a great athlete with a good arm. I can think of another smallish guy with a good arm that was a successful CFL QB…

The question is when will Chris Leak get his shot? All of the QBs are looking good right now. We'll only get to see what Leak is capable of doing when it's "mop-up" time or in worst case scenario that the Als have no chance of winning a game or even if all of the QBs get injured.

I read on his website he has a bum shoulder. Did he even pratice at all