Chris Leak

With the demise of the All American League, I wonder if we will see former Florida star QB Chris Leak sign with the Ticats. He was on their neg list last year, I believe.
At slightly under six foot and around 200 lbs he would appear to be a good CFL type QB. Doesn't have a rocket for an arm, but then Flutie didn't either.

Like Timmy Chang good?

Nope Mike Crawley good

he reminds me of Kevin Glenn. Bring him in, you can never have to many good QB's. We should shed the bad ones first though, my prediction, Timmy Chang doesn't last through training camp.

For those who think we need to either cut Chang or bring in competition for him, signing Leak would probably be a good idea.

He'd no doubt be competing for third string behind Printers and Williams. So why not sign him? There ought to be at least four QBs in camp. If the club has someone else in their sights they think more highly of, that's ok too. But if Leak is on our neg. list, the club must think he has potential, so maybe we should give him a shot.

Qbs start to “get-it” in different time frames.
To run Chang out of town after a couple of starts as a CFL rookie would be a poor decision.
All our QBs looked bad last year.
Weak receivers?
Weak pass blocking?
Poor play calling?
Probably a little yes to all the above.
I think Williams who everyone is so high on really levelled off after his first couple of appearances.

Why worry about our 3rd string QB so much anyway?
There are WAY bigger question marks that need answered.

Chang will be fine given time!

The main point with Chang was, he wasn’t ready to start. We were in an unenviable position of having an inneffective Maas and having to put Chang in there. Chang looked good in training camp and won the back up roll. I think with another year under him he should be getting more comfortable. You can’t write the guy off after a couple of bad games.

Chang is never going to play in Hamilton as long as Casey and Richie are here!

Any third string qb we have, is never going to play. This is the facts of life. A third stringer only plays in blow outs, lopsided wins or major injuries to #1 & #2.

With an 8 team league, you have no time to develop a QB. You can always pick somebody up in the league with experience. Yes, I know there are some teams that take a guy and develop him but it's tough if your fans want you to win!

All probably quite true. Equally so whether it's Chang, Leak or anyone else. Only question is whether someone can maybe challenge Williams for #2 position at some point. I'd be very surprised if anyone manages to do that coming out of camp.

Who anointed Williams #2 anyways? We performed marginally better than Chang, both in unenviable positions with not much to support them. What were Williams' number? I would venture to guess, not all that impressive. Why trade Chang away after a couple poor outings in his rookie season? How did/would have Williams done in his first year as a ticat?
We seem to not have patience with many of our players...not the way to build a strong franchise.

the difference is, in Richie's first year, he was 23. Chang was 26. Chris Leak is a younger guy, who played in the SEC and won a national championship. I'd take him over Chang any day.

It doesn't matter who they get as a 3rd stinger. Hamilton doesn't have a very good history of developing QB's. Try and name 3 in the last 30 years.

When in the last 30 years has the team had the luxury of time to "develop" a QB ? (whatever that means)

I think you mean Mike Cawley.

I hope you don't mean Dan Crowley.

Yeap your right ..


I added an 'r'. Though I don't think anyone would blame me if I had mixed Mike Cawley and Dan Crowley up.

After all they both had such distinguished careers in the CFL.

30 years ummm lets see flutie buck priece paris jackson just a few in bc ummm waren moon damin allen tracey ham in edmonton danny mac in wpg -ended up in bc kevin glen sask. ended up in wpg kerry joseph ottawa ended up in sask just a few that were 3rd stringer when they started

I think the author meant: 'when did the TICATS ever develop a 3rd stringer in the past 30 years?'
Those you listed are mostly from 'other' Teams, except for Allen & DMAC.
The Eagle - - - :thup: :thup: :thup: