Chris Leak signs with Montreal???

Just read it on Peters blog.

They have more QBs in camp than the Cats.

Maybe Hamilton was not Leaks cup of tea??
We will be sure to make him feel welcome if he makes the Als (:

If this is true then the team was feeding us BS with him wanting to go back stateside and catch on with a arena team :lol:

Who Leak'ed that news to you?

Sinking Feeling I heard this earlyer :lol:

I still believe Popp and Desjardins are doing everything they can to piss off the Cats.

That's the news in Montreal. Should be interesting, I think he's injured right now though. 6 Qbs at camp for MTL, should be interesting to see who get's cut and who stays.

I personally don't care, I just hope they don't cut Brady loose.

Banks is in his second camp and he's been in Montreal since mid 3006 season and they didn't trus him enough to play him last year.

I think Banks is gone and they might keep two of the kids.

As long as leak dosen't go to the argo's,
they are always beating us with our own

Or HE was feeding the team BS.

Yep sounds like his agent was taking a leak on Obie's back and telling him it was raining (no pun intended lmao)

I thought he was on Hamilton's negotiation list. How can he try out for another team?

I believe once we release him he is off the list.

Well behind Brady he will have at least a chance at a spot in the Als camp...

They have alot of young guns in Montreal. They could all just be schmoes or they could be the next Richie Williams. Either way i think his best chance to make a roster would have been in Saskcatchewan.

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LMAO. That sounds about right.

I don’t really care about this. From all accounts I had, he wasn’t interacting with the team or the players at camp. Sounds like another little boy who has big fish small pond syndrome. We don’t need that here.

^^^ ya I don't think he was too happy being labeled our potential third or forth string qb. I'm hoping Obie isn't losing too much sleep over it.

Me neither.

I like what I've been hearing and reading about the four guys in camp now. (although, I haven't really heard all that much about Printers)

it makes sense for leak to do this. there was no chance he was going to start in hamilton or even be the second string. In mtl he has a legit chance of becoming the starter half way through the year if Anthony Calvillo cant preform again.

Montreal is a train wreck right now. Players not reporting, not wanting to be there. He’s welcome to it.