Chris Larsen Cleared by Police

I'll just leave this here. The CFL jumped all over themselves to (rightly) put out a statement condemning a possible hate crime but I have yet to see any further statement by the league after he was cleared by police.


will the team apologize

will the league apologize

will DDH admit he was wrong.



Sadly, I think you are correct, FYB.

I guess you're guilty until proven innocent.

The world we live in today.

You are guilty even after you are proven innocent
You will hear people say the police just did not have enough evidence or the accused had a good lawyer

The was a case here in Montreal where a cop was shot(he is fine now) The police arrested someone and threw him in jail

6 days later the police announced to the media that they made a mistake and have released the person and is no longer a suspect!

You should have seen the uproar...the mayor got involved and demanded a explanation, the Premier demanded a full investigation into the matter....I think even Trudeau had something to say. Now let me finish

My problem is now many people are arrested jailed for months, spend thousands of dollars on lawyers and are found not guilty in court? Ever hear the mayor or premier demand answers?

The person prob lost his job, his reputation and is in debt and people just shrug it off.

Whats the difference between one and the other? Cops were wrong both times

That stigma will ,indeed, follow you wherever you go for the rest of you days.


Sad but true. All it takes is an accusation and sometimes not even that.

There was that case in Hamilton several years ago where some guy stepped off a bus, was promptly arrested, interrogated, thrown in jail for a number days. Then unceremoniously released with no explanation or apology, apparently just a case of mistaken identity. Oh well. Pretty sure he sued for that, but there will always be that albatross he'll have to wear.


now it remains to be seen.

will the previous topic be soon locked?

will the article soon disappear from the main page?

How long before this topic is locked "in the best interest of the league brass"

These and other questions will be answered next week on......

The silence from the Redblacks, the league, and DaveDaHammer is rather deafening isn't it?


Frankly, I think the CFL owes Larsen an apology, and the Redblacks owe him an apology and a reinstatement to the roster.

But I am not expecting any of that to happen.

Which makes both the league and the Redblacks look pretty bad.

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Who'd want to return to an organization who drags them through the mud like that?


What ever happened to that guy that was unjustly canned by the EE team, along with the league making a "statement" about it.?


Unless you don't accept that he is innocent. Then they look like heros

Unless and until those concerned, and rightfully so, do BOTH in modern times so that people accused who are shown to be not guilty are handled justly, I don't see much improving in society.

Not merely in recent times, it seems most endorse one view or the other any more. Most politicians pander to one camp or the other because it's about their votes not any justice.

You make an outstanding point with your post.

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Not only them - but many forms of "Social Media" named him from the get go - and wanted him to pay for "what he did". Not only was nothing said when cleared - - no comments when the police did charge someone for this incident.

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His crime is being a white straight male. That automatically means you are a monster when accused, no question asked

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As far as the RBs and the CFL is concerned he's still listed as suspended.
I assume they are waiting for an official statement.
There has been no statement from the police that he was cleared. The statement about being cleared by police was made by his lawyer.
The TSN article also was a statement by his lawyer.

I think it is more a case of the wrong place at the wrong time. I will say that he is not white and I cannot nor would not speak to his sexuality. To that - I wouldn't care either. More importantly is the ideal of being innocent until proven guilty.