Chris Jones

Last year's Rider team was a complete disaster - - especially on the defensive side - - and they needed that kind of mass gutting of the deadwood.

Where things went off the rails is that Jones overrated "scouting ability" was badly exposed and he just replaced garbage with more garbage.

You had to know things were going to be bad when Jones is putting receivers and CIS basketball players at DE and signing proven failures like Ceasar Rayford.

No, I don't think he was referring to Bo when he said "win with some class" during the handshake. Certainly, when Dave was interviewed after the game, he was clearly steamed. When asked afterward in the scrum, Dave just muttered (with a "if looks could kill" expression on his face), "it's not worth repeating," and "it wasn't complimentary," making it appear, to me anyway, that it was directed at him, not one of his players.

Chris Jones complaining about someone elses lack of class is like the Boston Strangler complaining about oxygen deprivation. The irony would be stunning, if his head weren't so far up his own ass that he is incapable of seeing it.

Wait til Corky puts the entire organization on cherry juice......

Thankfully the riders have unlimited money, no longer have to go on the beg to various levels of government and don't have to hold chicken pie auctions!

Jones grabbed at the $750k per year for 4 years guaranteed - like a shark feasting on a plump trout. He knows Reynolds can (and will) write him cheques for whatever he wants (extra players, Saskatoon taxi squads, skids of cherry juice, the johnny cash plump-size coach's uniform, etc.)

If Jones can't produce results (ie. getting the rat-rider record to around .500 by mid 2017) Reynolds will start to put together a succession plan. . . . . prolly seeing Corky Jo relieved of part of his duties (GM or Coach) first and then all of his duties when things finally go river deep.

If Corky takes the riders to a 3-15 or 4-14 season this year - it will be written off with the usual rat-rider smugness! Remember smugness begets smugness and Reynolds has become as smug as Jones due to their association.

In 2017 only 8-10 or 9-9 is acceptable. Despite repeated sell-outs of 30,000 screaming rat-rider fans the breach point is around Game 10 to game 12. If Riders are 2-8 to 3-9 by this time Jones will get the usual Sword of Damocles vote of confidence. If the record doesn't improve by 2 Ws at a time - Jones will drown in his own pink slip.

Riders do have a problem in replacing Jones though. That's what might keep Corky thru '17 anyways. Not a financial problem though. They'll be swarming in cash - like a Drew Carey money box. Do they want Reynolds naming successors? Do they want Reynolds period?
Is there anyone out there to be a GM? OK, the assistants in BC and Ottawa are on the current hot-list but who else. Vermin like Wad Miller, Lyle Bauer, Hervey, Popp, Tilman, etc. aren't qualified.
Hufnagel will be 67 or 68 by then. Wally is entrenched where he is.

Lots of coaching suspects though! Orlondo Steinauer, Noel Thorpe, Khari Jones, Jacques Chapdelaine, Minor Threat Benevides, PLOP - a lot of dudes would line up at the Rider Mission to get those kinda meal plans.

In a sense I can see where Corky is coming from. Billy Ray Cyrus (aka Bo Levi Mitchell) went nutso on an entire section of riders fans, tormenting them to no end when the game was in hand. I must admit there where a couple nifty and creative signs in the crowd - the best one pointed out by TSN w/ the whistle-blowing effect!

Corky didn't like that. Only his players should be allowed to torment opposing crowds. Right? :cowboy:

Chris Jones is the Hope Solo of the CFL.


I'm pretty sure that Jones will lead the Riders to a record tying 1-17 season. Yup move over you 2003 Cats you're about to have company in the record books as the WORST team in CFL history. :oops: :oops:

memo to all Rider fans : Do not under any circumstances allow this scumbag to set one foot inside your new stadium next season. The cost to fumigate to get the stench and smell of this little turd out of your beautiful new home would put your Riders in the red. The sooner the Riders get rid of this embarrassing little ass-clown the better.In fact I would love to see him turfed out of the league entirely. I mean seriously this guy has the balls to tell another head coach to show more class when you win ? Jones couldn't spell the word class if you spotted him the C and the L and we all know what the last three letters spell exactly what Jones is and that's the worlds biggest ASS..

unless Reynolds is removed from his perch I don't see Jones getting the boot....especially with such an exorbitant GUARANTEED salary hanging overhead.
Reynolds knows very well he would be cutting his own throat by axing Jones as the board would see this as utter incompetence and vote to dismiss the sitting Pres. for his wanton role in courting Jones with sacks of money and power.

yes, the Riders are well equipped financially to eat a large helping of Jones' compensation package but Joe Public will be looking for blood at the next shareholders meeting with pitchforks in hand.

This is my point...I mean it is placed in the books that this can receive discipline outside of the game for a reason. It is a fine line going at people in the stands...others have been slapped for it before.

.....Cheatin Corky has got a lot of balls to approach another head coach and mention the word 'class'...He doesn't possess any...Think back a few years and his refusal to shake an opposing coach's hand post game...There's a good example of how not to be a 'class act'...This guy is digging himself a big hole...maybe not in Regina right now but the rest of the league and it's personnel are watching his chump act....Sure he coached the Cup winner last year..but after the dust settled he was buying a ticket to Sask. and then had the balls to parade Edmonton's duly won Cup elsewhere...The guy is full of cheap tricks and one day it'll catch up...I'm pretty sure Jonesy has been reading the Mike Kelly handbook on how to be a successful coach and be one of the biggest 'dix' of all time, at the same time... Unless he tones down his act and starts putting together some wins, the rumbling in riderville is going to get louder and louder..He's a beaut and I'm glad he's not in our organization. :thdn:

Cheatin Corky.... I like that.

Here is Corky making more friends

Good one. :thup:

Why are you guys calling him corky?
Is it from this actor?


Credit to someone at who came up with that gem - - obviously before he was handed the keys to Regina.

Correct. The rode him hard like drunk Regina businessmen riding drunk donkeys in the back lot. Called him Corky - and worse!
Once he got the $750,000 job calling him anything other than Chris Jones was verboten - and people started getting banned for using "Corky" in their posts.
Its called "The Lemming Factor" - and the wheat province has no superiors when it comes to official number of lemmings!

Hey Corky how ya doing ? Hows about going for a beer ? I would but I'm a little short of cash at the moment :slight_smile:

This explains so much.... :roll:

I'm really not clear what Russia Today has to do with this?

Thanks for the laugh Jones :smiley: showing once again just how big of arrogant clown you are. "win with some class"??


Hows about "lose with some dignity" :twisted: