Chris Jones

I usually post things a little more in depth and I COULD write a few THOUSAND words about all the things that I am OBSCENELY PISSED OFF ABOUT right now but I'm just too bloody angry.

Mr Jones. Stop f**king embarrassing me!

Get away from my team.

And Craig Reynolds, you should be sooo fired for writing him that blank check. He follows no rules because YOU gave him none. Mr Reynolds, this is on YOU! FIRE him and RESIGN!

I know that someone in the league and team offices reads this stuff. I have been a CFL and Rider fan since 1979. I've been excited to road trip out to see the new stadium (and even one more in the old park) but screw it. I'm not spending any money on the Riders until this butt hole is GONE.

SCREW CHRIS JONES!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

prairiedog - situation is gonna have to get far worse (and its really bad right now) for Reynolds and Corky to get simultaneously torched!

Riders put in a credible effort tonite - just didn’t have a competent kid to keek field goals!

Nothing will happen - even with Jones fielding a virtual extra team playing imaginary ‘semi-pro ball’ up in Saskatoon!

Need about 3 to 5 more losses in a row - and a decline in attendance, not gonna happen especially with all the hype about the new stadium!

Riders could hire the socially distorted trio of Maggot Kelly, Lyle Bauer and John Huard and 30000 would still come out for all games!

PS. If Jones is allowed to “do a number” on Dave Dick during post-game shakes - average rider fan should be able to do same to Corky wherever he surfaces!

Craig Reynolds is just cleaning up the mess from the last guys.

Chris Jones isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

I'm under no illusions here. They could - he'll I'll use the term 'he' instead, since Jones refers to his own defense as 'I' and not 'us' or 'we' - HE could go 1-17 and not get fired. Seriously. They're still paying Chamblin and Taman and Jones still has about 2 million coming to him for this contract. PLUS, Reynolds would have an extremely hard time going back to the board and remain on as chair after canning Jones before 1 year is up to the tune of 1.5 to 2 million. He would have to step down, so if he wants to remain chair of the board he can't fire Jones until at least the end of 2017.

I said it on the day that Jones was hired. There was no interview, no ground rules. Reynolds wrote him a blank cheque and gave him full power. That's a dumb thing to do with anyone let alone a guy renowned for an ego the size of Jupiter. Reynolds is not a football guy, so he panicked and threw money at the the biggest name in the scene to 'fix' things that he didn't know how to fix. Now look they're broken far worse than they were before - on the field, off the field, around the field.

"Win with some class???" Get real man. I wear this logo in public too, but I don't get 750k for doing so. So stop embarrassing my team, stop embarrassing the league and stop embarrassing ME.

"Win with some class???"

What would Jones know about class????? :roll:

Sounds like sour grapes. He needs to go.

It's not a good look coming from him :lol:

That's back to back week's that Bakari Grant has had a real dirty play though, apparently it's related to his crack back block on the fumble that he was penalized for. He was fined last week too.

Jones tells Dickenson to win with class. :roll:

WTF is he talking about ?

Dickenson is the guy who said he wished BLM had stayed out of it.

How does he blame DD for that ? :?

Apparently it was the Bakari Grant crack back block he was upset about, since he was guilty of the same infraction last week.

It's still not a good look coming from Chris Jones, but he had a reason to be upset about a very dangerous play on one of the bright spots on D.

Josiah St John had back to back fines for crack backs too. Not to mention Newsome kneehunting Jennings. So Jones can have a can of stfu!

Take a deep breath prairie, you'll thank me later.

Chris Jones isn't going anywhere.

How can a guy that's been busted for cheating twice in the last month even think of telling someone else to "learn to win with class"?

I'm not a Saskatchewan hater but Chris Jones really isn't helping the Roughriders make any new fans.

I thought Mike O'Shea and Jim Popp were the CFL laughing stocks - but Tennessee Corky takes the duke!

I'm sure Corky will grab at least one W in the back to back vs. Winnipeg.

Go away Lyle.

Chris Jones is safe for a minimum of 3 years.

I stated that the Riders would win fewer games this year than last which may be tough given the team has already been gifted a win by the officials thanks to a horrible phantom PI call in a game a few weeks ago. Still, they will probably match last seasons record at best.

Jones - decent coach but horrible GM by the looks of things.

Anyways, he can have to non-playoff seasons (which he probably will) and still be safe for a third as long as he makes the playoffs in 2018. Meanwhile, the team is a safe bet to sell out every single game in their new stadium for the first two seasons even without the playoffs. After that though, all bets are off…

The Last Word

I think they'll probably win more games than last year, though this team is doing a pretty good impression of last years team. They've been in every game but the Montreal game, but they can't make the big play when they need to in close games. They very easily could have 3 wins right now and be in the thick of things in the West.

I think you're bang on with the rest of your assessment, Jones isn't going anywhere. This isn't like when Greg Marshall was hired and he inherited a Grey Cup team and they flopped. This is a 3 win team, that at the very best was going to fight for the final playoff spot.

The error here is that everyone is judging the record by comparing it to 3-15 last year. That is the wrong comparison. That was a good team that made a couple of bad moves to screw up their ratio and on top of that was HORRIBLY coached, by both Chamblin AND Dyce.

They needed to trim 2 or 3 salaries NOT 8 or 9 and they needed to add a couple of quality Canadian starters not just replace Getzlaf with Chambers. Yes yes, Capicciotti, but he's been a bust so far.

The comparison should be made to where they SHOULD BE, not to where they were. This is the only North American pro sports league with true free agency. Even IF they needed a rebuild, it shouldn't be ground zero blow up and 3 year plan. 1997 TiCats 2-16. 1998 TiCats 12-5-1 first place. 2011 Riders (which really WAS a bad team needing rebuild) 5-13 last place. 2013 Riders Grey Cup Champs. 2003-2004 Stamps a laughingstock. 2005-2006 Stamps 2nd place. 1980 Argos 2-14. 1981 Argos last place. 1982 Argos 11-5, first place. Screw long rebuilds. Get it done like you ought to.

This team was wiped out for ONE reason: Because Chris Jones and his ego CAN.

Oh 5-13 is better than 3-15. BULL! Don't eat that grub. This team should have kept a couple of all-stars added a couple of Canadians and be challenging for a home playoff game RIGHT NOW! All those folks toeing the company line aren't doing anyone any favors, except for maybe the other 8 teams.

Pretty sure it was actually the Bo taunting thing after the big pass near the end...I think he said that Bo should win with class...not Dave. Not that Jones has a pile to criticize one's level of class...but he wasn't wrong....the refs should have thrown a flag on it IMO

Jones is the second coming of Corey Chamblin - - the only difference being, Chamblin had a somewhat competent GM who lucked into a few signings that brought a Grey Cup to Regina.

Still can't believe Rider Fan was so naïve to think it was a brilliant move to give an egomaniac like Jones so much authority.