Chris Jones

Can this please be grounds to nullify that contract and get this guy out of town YESTERDAY. Jimmy Greek has been bang on from day one as many were when they heard he was being hired, but most tried to see the bright spot in the whole thing. Jones is so not Saskatchewan and everything this province stands for. Sorry for not backing you up more Jimmy. I could go on and on here but it has already been covered. Jones is a F**** As***** and has to go now. This conduct would at least relieve Riders of having to pay the G.M. and President salary going forward and the only thing they should be on the hook for is coaches salary. Reynolds should also be shown the door before he even got his post. The guy is a kid accountant (Capital "A" left out of that on purpose out of respect to the rest in the proffession) and has turned this franchise into an absolute joke in a mere 8 months. Great way to open the new stadium, with a lying cheating piece of shi t of a team.

Hey don't blame the team .... this is all Jones ando not the players.

I originally posted this in another site but its more relevant here.

so what is Jones the 3 stooges , GM, HC and DC ?
so the Riders get a $60,000 fine and a deduction in excess of $26,000 , what the final amount is ?
with this on the table can the Riders immediately terminate Chris Jones with no compensation ?
Jones already cost the Riders $15,00 for national / international rules violation.
for somebody whos so smart he's actually ????

He's not blaming players but Jones and Reynolds and I agree!! both need to go!!

we are 1-5, team sucks, we lost some key players to make cap room so we could be fined 75,000.00 for a team that is no better than last season and we have our QB back. anyone who now defends this arrogant ahole, needs to give there head a shake, and yes I am sure all clubs do what he got caught at! But he has only made things worse here, not better!

As for Reynolds he needs to go for allowing all this to go on!! the board needs to step in now!!

Umm lets not forget the bonuses for two players that played combined probably 3 down of football, Price of course none and Lemon the 3. That is a hit of 115 K + 15 K earlier fine and now 86 k so that amounts to 216 k in lost money.

This is a disaster anyway you look at it. Yes we can afford the 75 k cash hit but we also lost 141k in cap. IF we hope of any big signings from NFL cuts well that pretty much has gone in the crapper.

As I said when the murmurs of thinking of signing that douche bag from the NFL that was involved with domestic abuse I said this is not cool for any reason and gives the Rider organization a black eye, ever since then it has been a ****storm of bad publicity and implications of breaking the rules. God only knows what else has been going on that hasn't come to light as of yet.

So here is the big question.Was this pure arrogance that Jones & Co figured they could blatantly break the rules and thumb their noses at the League by having this many players around, having extra practices, having guys on the 6 game practicing and there would be little or no repercussions , or is this a matter of just being flat out stupid?

I would have a hard time buying they didn't know the rules but more of that they were playing a very high stakes game of chicken thinking "everyone does it, so no one is going to say anything to ruin it" If that is the case then yes this is a gross negligence of due diligence and now the whole organization is going to pay for it. I mean now are we in cap trouble like the Als and perhaps someone is going to have to be moved?

A team that has been struggling to find itself and players now is in the **** pile even deeper. I can't think of a worse scenario of a new management group to be under. I mean how do you build trust and faith in your GM HC when he has been in violation of so many rules in such a short span of time? How can such lack of professionalism be over looked? Like I said a man that refuses to look an opponent in the eye and shake their hand after a game just doesn't sit well with me and tells me a lot about their character.

Taleback no apology is needed as I know you were trying to support the new management team and the team as a whole and hoping for the best. I too take no delight in this disaster because as much as I have criticized Jones the bottom line was I wanted the best for the Riders as a team and organization. This sadly has not happened so far and it would honestly take a miracle to turn this very dark series of events around. I still hope that Jones can do it but now it has to be scrutinized very closely is will the players have any respect for Jones or has he all ready lost the room? I guess we will get some indication on Saturday and what kind of game we play. Will it be a very close game win or lose, or will it be like it was in Montreal where the team just didn't show up?

This game could be one of the biggest tell tale signs of the character of this team. If the team does not show up then Jones may be in big big trouble and a early departure could be in the making . This though again would be a disaster for the team in every way shape and form.

A very dark time for the whole Rider fan base and organization. I just hope we kick some Stamp butt on Saturday.

Talk about throw good money to bad. If my math is correct that tallies around $101,000.00. I remember back in the day of fund raising when this franchise was in sad shape and our family (brothers and sister) pitched $500 bucks there way to help. Might not seem like much but my $125 dollars was. Now you'd think money grew on trees and no one is accountable for any mistakes. It might be a tad bold but safe to say last year was a bust, this year looking like a bust, and signs pointing towards next year yet another bust. Trouble, trouble, trouble, and we just can't seem to pick them, right from the top to putting points on the board. Sure would be nice to catch a little luck. But like they say, luck is what you make of it and were sure as sh$t not making any of it.

Apparently this may not be all over yet and perhaps even more penalties could be incurred. Apparently Lawless is saying on 1290 that the league is still investigating the Riders concerning the payment of non contract players and that it may take a couple weeks to conclude that. he goes on to say that the league wanted to conclude all investigations at the same time but we're backed into the corner and forced to respond in some way. The penalties we incurred today may not be the last or the most severe punishment doled out.

Hang on to your jock straps guys, as bad as it has been it could possibly get a lot worse. Possible draft pick implications? Suspensions? This mess and ramifications could go on for a few years. Well done guys.

And this is why Bo should have kept his yap shut and deserves a fine himself. I touched on this in the main forum...CFL was doing a deep dive quietly and wanted to build its case...he forced their hand.

Oh I agree Bo should get fined and a hefty one at that simply for airing this on social media. If he wanted to air a grievance he should have gone through the proper channels.

I know it probably won't happen but I hope he is on the turf more times then he is standing on Saturday.

I also hope the league is not naive enough to think that the Riders are the only team that have been taking liberties with the rules and I hope the Stamps are one of the first teams that go under the microscope next. That would be karma if later on the Stamps were also implicated in violating rules all thanks to Bobo the ***clown.

What pisses me off on this is not that he had other players around and working them...because every team does this...what pisses me off is that he was A - stupid enough to bring players on the 6 into (especially before they were off 5+ games)...B - he was stupid enough to rent housing for them...but if he gave them cash he should probably be canned (good luck proving it though) C - That he did it with so many players...he does 2-3 and nobody bats an eye.

point A being the big one...because that goes against the CBA. Practicing non members at all can because they can not be under the instruction of staff...but that is stupid easy to stickhandle around by simply calling it an observation workout.

If he wanted to practice 20 players on the side...go nuts...I still don't like it but at least it is not something that can impact the team itself dont think Bo too 320 per out of the goodness of his heart? lol

Jones deserves what he gets because he took something that was always ignored and grossly abused it. I have liked a lot of what Jones has done and had my fair share I did not...I would say I was 70/30...maybe 65/35...but this is just horrible

This is what frankly is just stunning in it pure lack of discretion. I mean this is all but flaunting it under everyone's noses and then stand there with a shocked look that you got busted. Seriously this may be a real insight into Jones and his character. I mean anyone that is this obvious either are so arrogant and that they are above the rules, or that you do whatever to accomplish what you want, including violating the rules in such a flagrant way that you leave little other options for the league but to nail you to the cross. I mean how can one be confident in someone who acts in such reckless abandon?

I believe that he felt that taking it away from the core practice and using 6 gamed guys made it all good...stupid. It is in black and white print that you can not practice unsigned players with signed players. What is going to be the real kick in the nuts is if they pull those 6 gamed guys off and make their salaries count the entire time....then Jones is in real trouble

I mean how stupid do you have to be to think enough players to make another roster would go unnoticed ( if that is indeed the case as some have indicated it is) Hell why not take them to Saskatoon and work them out there, heck you could even have`` `trainers (nudge nudge) go with them to see how they coming along. Nope lets bring in a bus load and flaunt them right in the fishbowl of the CFL. What a bonehead. Heck they could have probably even gotten away with housing them in Saskatoon and again it would have been far less obvious, but nooo I mean how long would it take to get them to Regina if you actually wanted to sign them and use them. Just plain flat out stupid.

Well, they could have had 500 players there doesn't matter until you mix in a player under contract...then you are screwed. It is a ridiculous loophole that needs to be closed

A member Club shall not permit a player to participate, directly or indirectly, in any of its practice sessions unless: (a) on the member Club's current roster, or (b) on the member Club's Injured Players List, or (c) entitled to participate under the provisions of Section 5 of these by-laws, or (d) on a member Club's Non-Active List as described in paragraph 9 of this Section 8.

Without restricting the meaning of "a practice session" a player shall be deemed to be participating therein if:
(i) in attendance at a Club lecture, film session, or chalk talk, or
(ii) physically present at the same time and place as the other team members for a conditioning exercise, or
(iii) subject to the direction of the coaching staff in any manner whatsoever, except to the extent necessary for the supervision of treatment of an injury sustained while previously a member of the Club roster

all of those are easily avoidable to breaking rules on...the only stickler is the last point...and that is easy to work around

All these fines Jones is costing the organization better be coming off his salary for the year. If not, as a shareholder I will be engaging Tony Merchant to start a class action against him to recoup the shareholders money he has cost us owners as a result of his reckless disregard for the league law that this industry he is employed in requires be adhered to.

In fact, forget Merchant, I will be initializing it myself to save on costs. It isn't going to take a rocket surgeon to get this put through, therefor I am qualified to get this done. :smiley:

My first time back on this website since I left in the preseason. (Off-topic, its amazing how little I missed it! I see the three idiots are still running amok over on the main board.)

The reason I dropped back in was specifically because of this news story. Depop and some others have usually got a pretty good handle on what's happening that isn't in the papers. I've got to say, I'm not disappointed with the depth of knowledge here regarding the goings-on.

I was one of the people who was excited when Jones came on board. I understand blowing up the team (was all for it, actually), and I was willing to put up with a year (or two) of sad sack ball in order to establish a long-term winner. I didn't mind the brashness and ego/swagger, as long as it came with winning. If not winning, at least improvement from week to week through the process. I could live with that.

What I was not, and am not, prepared for are the Belicheck/Brady-style "win at any cost" antics that I am seeing. There's a reason I hate the Patriots. I don't mind bending the rules a bit to get an edge, but this is ridiculous and embarrassing. The worst of it is that, had BLM actually kept his mouth shut, the Riders organization would have suffered an even bigger black eye down the road. This was the tip of the damn iceberg!

I am one of the token shareholders from way back. My owners' certificate has come off my wall and my rider gear (including my Jurasin jersey!) are in the closet, hidden from view. For the first time, I will be voting by proxy at the AGM -- AGAINST Reynolds. The pall cast over this team, and the league as a whole, by this incident is EXACTLY what it will take to undo all the positive gains the league has enjoyed over the past decade.

There are no words. The only one I can think of that comes remotely close (that I can use on the forum) is "putz".

I've said my piece. Now I'm returning to my self imposed exile. (though I will likely still follow this thread)

Let's not forget that the report when Lemon was dealt to the Argos was that he was making 170k salary (approx what Chick is making in Hamilton) and ... AND ... had collected an 85k signing bonus (likely quite comparable to the big roster bonus bugaboo that apparently snagged the Chick negotiations).

And how did it turn out? Lemon couldn't win a starting job against a converted tight end and then became a locker room distraction. Meanwhile Chick is leading the league in sacks (and executes a wonderful hot read pass drop in Steinauer's defense as well - which many Cat fans felt that they didn't need him because he couldn't pass drop :stuck_out_tongue:).

Hey Kent, you're welcome, Chris.

So please tell me now that Chick was let go for salary cap reasons and tell me with a straight face.

Ivan Guttfriend is a Rider. Chris Jones has no Rider in him. Not even an ounce. He was never an Eskimo either.