Chris Jones

I applaud Chris Jones as a coach but seriously question his motives in refusing to shake hands with the opposing coach. There comes a time to say it as it is. The coach of a proud and community owned football team needs to embrace the culture of that proud franchise. Like it or not, when he accepted the position he becomes a role model. I find Mr. Jones behavior to be embarrassing and not in line with what is referred to proudly as the Eskimo way. Being a leader and a role model should be what Mr. Jones portrays, poor sportsmanship is not "the Eskimo Way"!

Well I’ll take the not shaking of hands over anything the previous coaches of the Eskimos were dishing out

Must tell you, this is playing bad in the rest of the country, People are even talking about it here in T.O, of what a classless move it was and why is there not more of an outrage in EDM

Take your trolling to the CFL board not in the Esks forum .

Hmmm Kavis Reed shaking hands and an awful coach or Chris Jones winning games and not shaking hands cause he thinks it is an awkward thing? Ill take Jones.

Jones doesn't shake hands because it is uncomfortable whether he wins or loses. Not because he is arrogant.