Chris Jones

According to TSN, Chris Jones is the new DC for the Argos.

His contract must be with Calgary, or else I can't see them allowing a lateral move like this.

Also, what is with him leaving cities for the same level of job? It's kind of odd that he's never even in the mix for any head-coaching opportunities that come up.

With the 2012 Grey Cup in Toronto, it appears David Braley and Co. are going to go all out to have a successful year. And it looks like they are starting by building a dream team coaching staff.

The league is giving them $500,000 to market the team and having the Grey Cup in Tor. is probably worth $2-3 million. So the money is there. And let`s face it, as much as we love disparaging centre of the universe Toronto, the league needs the Argos to be successful.

Where does this leave the Als? We`ve lost Milanovich,and yesterday Popp on the Tieman show seemed concerned about losing further assistants. I believe Brady is headed to Tor. as offensive co-ordinator, not sure about Himebauch.

Would Trestman offer Brady the offensive co-ordinator gig?

As for replacements I would consider Doug Berry as co-ordinator and Bryan Chiu if we lose Himebauch. To replace Brady as receivers coach, the dream hire would be Ben Cahoon, but he is too settled in Utah. Perhaps Jaime Elizondo who had the job before Brady, and will most likely lose his Tor. offensive co-ordinator job.

I'd welcome Elizondo back as receivers coach if Brady is indeed heading to Toronto, but let's not jump the gun. Milanovich hasn't even been formally announced as the Argo HC yet, let alone news of which Als assistants he's taking with him.

I would worry more if we were losing Marc Trestman.

Me too,I have always been a fan of Doug Berry,but I doubt that he will be back. I would not be surprised if Jamie Elizondo is hired,should he lose his position in Toronto and if Marcus Brady is the new Offensive coordinator in Toronto. Could Vince Martino could be back? The 2008 offensive line coach had to leave after 2008 for health issues. Hip surgery?


I would love to have Martino back! And really, I would be okay with Berry returning as well, though that does seem unlikely.

Agreed 100%. . I really liked the work he did when he was with the Als.

Unlikely I agree. Trestman is very hands-on with the offence, including of course calling plays on game day. Such being the case, the new offensive coordinator (if there is to be one. . . I have yet to see confirmation that Milanovich is gone) is such in name only, so it makes more sense to groom a younger guy in that truncated role, as opposed to an experienced coordinator who has his own ideas and schemes that may not mesh with Trestman's, and who might not like the idea of being a coordinator in name only.

Argos got fined 5000 bucks for their handling of the Chris Jones affair with the stampeders. Wow I gave that much to Leucan in one year back in 2009.

Toronto gets Jones and the $5000 goes to the league. What does Calgary get?

A more equitable solution would have been Toronto losing a draft choice to Calgary.

Well they Are quite miffed in Calgary. That's for sure. :x And Dave Dickenson has been interviewed by the Riders.

Jones, and potentially Dickenson and Burris . We actually have it not so bad here in comparison. Trestman is familiar enough with the cfl after 4 years that he can find some guys he can work with and teach them the ropes.