Chris Jones

Chris Jones has been signed by the Calgary Stampeders as DC as of this afternoon.

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That is a great signing by Huffer.

If Marshall was going to get the HC job in Montreal, than Jones was the guy I would have liked seen replace him here in Winnipeg.

I wonder, with Jones leaving, does that mean Marshall will be the next HC in Montreal ?

And who the heck will be DC in Wpg next year ?

My guess is either Marshall or Hall will get the job in Montreal, so either Winnipeg or Saskatchewan will be seeking a defensive coordinator. But my guess is just that..... a guess.

Wow Madjack they sure are taking their time.

Yes they had some good defenses in Montreal. I am looking forward to see what he can do.

Not too mention, the players loved playing for Chris Jones. I can see some players here in Montreal, to follow him to Calgary. 1 name that comes to mind, Tim Strickland. Don't mean to get any of you Stamp fans excited, but I believe it is a strong possibility, as Tim Boy said he isn't coming back to the 514 for another season.

Nor should he. He’s lost too many steps…can’t cover a receiver coming out of the backfield.

Whats the hurry?
They have plenty of time to decide

I'd rather take our time and get it right than do what we did last year........

You'll hear no whining from me on this point.

Yea nice pick up.


I guess Marcel is one step closer to the head coaching job in Montreal....


Marcel Bellefeuille à un pas de devenir l'entraineur chef des ALS???Ben voyons donc c'est une joke. L'an dernier rappelez-vous que Marcel devait révolutionner l'offensive des Alouettes avec son plan....Résultat vraiment médiocre.Comment fera-t-il pour remettre toute la grosse machine sur les rails de la victoire???
Noi j'y crois pas et je ne suis même pas convaincu qu'il va garder son poste de coordonnateur à l'offensive.

Je ne pas parle le francais.

You guys are getting a good DC in Jones. He goes about his business very professionally and is adept at getting the most out of his players. He managed to make something out of nothing this year despite the fact that Popp didn't get anyone to replace Philion on the D-line, didn't scout enough to get us good rush ends, and didn't upgrade a sagging linebacking corps until halfway through the season. On top of that, our secondary was very young (apart from Sanchez, every other player was either in his second or first year as a CFL starter). Jones did an admirable job with the personnel he had.

This is great news red. Im sure i dont have to tell you that many personel decisions that have been made on the D in the last couple years have been mind boggling.

I think giving him the power to bring in players he wanted really swayed his decision.

We can, we will, we shall!

Yes Eskylo it seems the Als were nice to the Stamps sort of a xmas present.

Word is Marshall has got a second interview with the Als, looks like he has a good shot at the position. He's still under contract as the DC with Wpg, so they won't let him go if it's just a lateral move.

…You could be right Pigseye…however Wettenhal is high on Higgins…and i’d be surprised if he didn’t get the nod…Marshall sure has paid his dues…and deserves a head-coaching job somewhere… and Good-luck to him if he gets it… :thup:

I expect the same thing that Higgens would be the guy in the front. One because of his experience and inexperienced coach at this time might not be what the Als need. But your never know with Popp.

papa, redwhite, I disagree....I think it's going to be either Marshall or Hall....with Buratto also a possibility....I really don't think it's going to be Higgins.

Mind you, my predictions do not come with any guarantee..........