Chris Jones

I don't think we have given the appropriate kudos to Chris Jones.
Here is an Als defence that has been beset with injuries, is laden with rookies, and has to support an offence which has an apparent mandate to play only half games.
The Als have yet to be blown out this season and I, for one, give the bulk of the credit to Jones and his strategies.
Bravo, Mr. Jones, keep up the good work!

I would have made Chris Jones the HC this season if I'd been the GM. He's done a great job over the years with this defense and I think he's ready to be a head coach in the CFL.

I wasnt happy with him these past couple years but Im quite impressed with the job hes done this year with the defence and as for giving him the HC job after last year I probably wouldnt have been a fan of it then but better him than Popp