Chris Jones Tryout Camps & ROI

Chris Jones held 25 U.S. tryout camps since the end of last season. Thats a lot of rocks being turned over. Yet when he needed a RB had to sign an Anthony Allen and now a Jovon Johnson as a DB. (nothing personal against either of them.) And thats not counting the Vince Young experiment.

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So one certainly has to question his return on investment from all these camps. He certainly benefits from the deep pocket Rider franchise, even with the $100 player fee.

Would be interesting to know how many players do not go to a tryout camp because they do not want to play in another country. Some gems lost?

Well good on the Riders to get Jovon Johnson, but go figure they cut Allen.

Those two are included within about a dozen guys in the Surprise Released Players thread whom I think will be picked up by other teams.

I don't think teams are losing money setting up try-out camps at $100 a pop. Get 50-$5,000..100-10,000. Teams already are paying for coaches anyway. So just travel, food and hotel for a few coaches already on payroll. Players pay everything else.

Not sure about the Riders success but certainly a lot of players are unearthed there. Derel Walker, Khalil Bass, Deron Mayo to name three I immediately know of.

I think they find more players than many think through tryout camps. They are not just picking these guys out of a college game and then signing them.

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For anyone who cares, the Riders/Vince Young got a 10 second mention on ESPN PTI today.

The Jovon Johnson move was mainly due to the loss of Cox...that was a big loss and they needed some experience in there JIC. Their 3 guys who seemed to be primarily in the running for it in camp all also got injured late...I would suspect to see one or two of them back at some point. I would think a lot of people expected them to be scouring cuts to pick someone up....which they did.

Allen was clearly never going to be on the team...not a fan of the 'reason' they cut blocking was spot on and they stated that was their primary thing they look at with RB. but again...he was only brought into camp after 2 RBs were laid up.

You don't know how those camps will turn out but last year in them they found some who never made it to camp because they were still chasing some NFL avenues...but some who did make it down included:

  • Sam Eguavoen...who was playing exceedingly well prior to injury...good enough that he displace Knox who is now in the NFL
  • Cox...he was looking very very good last season...dirtbag legal troubles ended that
  • Joe McKnight was found in camp but not available until much later...he seemed like an amazing find...obviously his time came to a sad end much too soon.
  • Caleb Holley....who I believe any team would take
  • Armanti Edwards...TBH I am not sure if he was neg listed or from tryouts...i think tryouts...either way, Argos got a gooder there

There are a few good players...I consider that fairly good...not mind blowing returns, but fairly good. Where they missed was RB and OT....normally areas of strength for disappointing...I think Murphy showed well in the OL selections in this draft...which is more what has been come to be expected from him. I would expect these camps to show better return as time goes on and 2 things happen...1 is they have flipped the roster moving forward and 2 is that they have seen their negotiation list pretty much cycle (a few standouts and of course QBs aside)

my early guy believes there is something special in Moncrief from this years camps. They also have a couple DEs in Tull and Antigha that are promising but I won't say a bunch on until they get some more legit reps.

Is that worth it? IMO if you find a gem or 2 it is....they seemed to have found a few good players doing it.