Chris Jones signs with the Cleveland Browns

Would not be surprised to see Jones take Duron Carter south as a db. Two birds with one stone for some.

This shi t is all on Reynolds, not on the league. Jones cond him into extending, with the out clause that didn’t exist in his old contract that had a year left on, so he could do exactly what he did. The shit ty part of it is he hired his buddies and got them locked in before he left. No new coach will want to be stuck with some of Jones’s guys, yet here they are, stuck with them. Huge screw up by Reynolds that should have repercussions.

He will be taking a pay cut to do this. NFL assistant coaches don’t make that much. Only head coaches and coordinators make big bucks. Everyone else is much more expendable, which drives pay down.

He was making around half a million per season in Sask wasn’t he? He’ll be lucky to get 100K in Cleveland.

I know nothing about what is in the typical head coach's contract. But in this article on 3DN, Justin Dunk says:

"And the new extension with the Riders had an out clause — just like every other coach in the CFL — to leave for a job south of the border."

Johnny still can’t believe it! What a mess! The Riders just went from contenders to dysfunctional. :o

…wow, this is stunning news…typically CJ move tho, we shouldn’t really be surprised…

Yesterday Naylor said between $600-650K.

With probably more concise focus work instead of multi task .

…just scanned over the Browns website and cannot find any mention of CJ’s hiring…there’s plenty of news about other coaches being brought on by HC Kitchen but I can’t find any news regarding CJ…

that’s because they are less excited about his arrival than the entire CFL is about him leaving!

Rumor is he might take DC with him … I am SOOO Happy!

Top CFL head coaches make $300k (not named Trestman) and it’s doubtful you’re going to pay your G.M. less than your coach, but let’s assume Jones took both jobs for $500k? He also had the vice-president title, which I don’t think would come without remuneration (or why not make him president?), so let’s add $50k. Then he was the DC, which normally get paid $200k+, but let’s say Jones got only $50k for DC. So even with a multi-title discount that still adds up to $600k.

Perhaps NFL assistants don’t get paid much, but Jones didn’t take a specific job which might be pigeon-holed at a certain pay level. As “Senior” Defensive assistant the Browns probably had some leeway in his salary as part of the overall coaching budget. I doubt he’s making less than $200K U.S. dollars in Cleveland which equals C$250k. Factor in lower U.S. taxes and lower cost of living I’m sure Jones is doing OK. He probably made enough money after 17 years in Canada that he probably doesn’t have to work another day in his life, anyway.

If Jones rises through the coaching ranks like he did in Canada, I’ll bet he’ll soon be earning a substantial pay packet down south that will make up for any temporary losses.

I highly doubt he is making as little as $100k, but even if he is – he has left a nine-team league with shrinking coaching staffs, where he has already worked for more than half of the teams, and a fraction of the NFL’s revenue. Where do you suppose he sees the brightest career opportunities for a career coach who’s still young enough to work for two more decades?

Well this would be interesting, for a year or two maybe?
Glanville, personal reasons he left Hamilton, possibly cleared up.

Yes that's true.
But you forget the other crucial part.
Trestman always used to say how his CFL coaching was 6 months per year and he had a personal life for the other 6.
A No Funner job is 12 months 24/7?

Wow! Another blow to the Riders, Rider Rod Pedersen is moving on!
Everyone is bailing even the PxP guy

…wasn’t a big fan of Pedersen…

I suspect CJ will be used in his great strength as a extraordinary “Talent Finder” in Cleveland. He’s a tremendous scout and out of the box thinker. And no doubt will be a pipeline im bringing in CFL FAs.

This is his NFL debut towards ultimately a DC role, then HC.

Interesting and ruthless guy. But a loss for the CFL no doubt. Really a hard worker.

I find that very hard to believe. Why was the first time it was ever mentioned in the press when Jones signed his extension? If it is true and every team is one NFL phone call away from having their coaching staff in disarray then this league truely is nothing more than a farm system for the NFL. To think Jones was the first one ever to be considered NFL worthy is also a slight to the league and all the great coaches that have come before. If they all could have gone on a whim, why didn't at least ONE exercise this option in the past.

My understanding is every American coach, at least at HC level, has an NFL out.
Its purely speculation that the extension had one but not the original contract.

Trestman certainly had an out and exercised it.

No he didn’t. His contact was up and he moved on. Why did Tillman GRANT Austin a release when he left for NCAA after 2007, and Austin was so gratefull because he could go back home to be near his ailing mother. No granting was necessary if he could have just walked. And I know it’s speculation, but I also speculate that O.J. Maybe shouldn’t have walked free in 1994 or whenever it was.