Chris Jones signs with the Cleveland Browns

Given what dd did and Jones - I hope the cfl fixes this for all teams - no contract should count against the cap until the person commences work on the start of the new contract. Retire - quit - before you’ve punched the clock and you shouldn’t get a dime.

The cfl needs to close this loop hole and not just for the riders but any team.

So those that actually would know - would Jones’s contract and those he hired now lock in the riders for 2019?

They must be going nuts on ;D

Seriously, the Riders are screwed.

They’re going nuts to be sure!

Pretending to be all calm and rational but they know the Guard Tower is down and damaged . . . .

Randy will have to be called in to amend the mgmt/coaching cap, otherwise the riders are in a bit o jam!

I don't think Jones' contract will count. If he had the NFL-job-out and asserted it to quit the Riders job, then I don't see how the Riders would still be on the hook to pay him.

But from what I understand of the new rules, those he hired will. Unless maybe their contracts are not guaranteed? But I'm not sure of what the penalties will be for breaking the coaching cap . . . anyone know off hand?

Also, I didn't think Durant's contract counted against the cap for the Bombers--did it?

That doesn’t sound like “going nuts” to me.

Jones leaves behind a fantastic defense, so the Riders have a lot to build on going into the season. Hopefully the remaining coaches are familiar enough with Jones’ approaches that they can continue to field that defense.

Now they need to find someone to get the offense going.

Durant’s contract with the Bombers did not count against the cap in 2018,EXCEPT his signing bonus.

Chris Jones contract will not count against coaches’ cap, since he is leaving on his own; contract is therefore voided.


Good point Richard, but,
They still need a VP of football operations, a GM, a HC and a DC when as you said they already have 10 of their 11 Coaches positions filled and all 10 of those would still count against the cap. :o

IMHO, Benevides would be the only experienced HC/DC that could step in and take that dual role unless SSK could pry Noel Thorpe away from OTT

Well, obviously they need to stop giving coaches an out to go to the nfl, at any time, if they don’t sign, then find someone else. This should never happen at this time of the season. This is the result of the new coaching cap, very ill thought out, catering to a couple of whining teams. I guess he thought he would get out , since Murphy bolted , that left jones in a lurch also.

I presume that Jeremy O’Day will become the Vice-President of Football Operations&Administration and Paul Jones will become the General Manager.

A Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator needed, but only 1 person.

I still think that Stephen McAdoo is a good option as Head Coach & Offensive Coordinator and a Defensive Coordinator needed.

As Grover wrote, another good option would be the hiring of Mike Benavides as Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator.


Sign them all to 1 year contracts and clean house next season.

Took the words outta my mouth, Hf ! I’ve been saying this for years. Less Amer coaches and GMs and maybe some CDN boys get to play in positions that aren’t just STs and maybe they last longer than a season or two.

We are also way too easy on guys wanting to leave. This is what gives us the bush league stature to others looking on. Stop the drain. The league needs consistency. No more stepping stone BS !

Having said that, I am not unhappy that the latest traitor has gone…Unfortunately some good ole buddy will hire him back if he fails down south and that’s another problem we have to stop.

Not great timing, but this is when the NFL hires coaches.

Chris Jones was in the CFL for 17 years. That is not long enough for him to move on if he thinks there is a better opportunity for whatever reason elsewhere?

I always thoughtJones would be spending every weekend in the off-season for the next 20 years holding open tryouts. That is one thing I like about the guy. Guy is constantly travelling cross country and evaluating players in person so he can make his team better.

Personally, I think the CFL is better with Chris Jones than without.

Sask left themselves vulnerable by bundling duties and creating the position. Now look where all that genius thinking got them. Murphy was smart to jump ship when he did.

Jones was a poor choice for coach of the year imo. Too much meddling.

Could be a long season ahead.

I guess we can scratch the Mike Reilly to SSK possibilities now.
I would imagine a whole lot of SSK’s FA defensive stars will also be moving on.
I bet those with longer term contracts right now are pissed

3 years wasted, down the drain, now we can rebuild again., Basement fodder, unles we hire the right coach. Basement this year. No quarterback. Maybe bridge could get a real chance with the proper offensive coach and system.?


They were hooped by their own decision to assign three management-level jobs to one individual and then also hire guys to fill a dozen other positions under him. The fact that the Riders had to let a bunch of guys go before Jones even decided to leave because of the cap shows that the Riders were throwing spaghetti against the wall and thinking like they can spend their way to another championship.

Chris Jones didn't act alone in hooping the Riders - he was just the linchpin. The Riders knew full well that they were hiring more non-player personnel than any other team in the league, and they should have realized how vulnerable that made them when the talks around the new football ops cap began. I'm not sure why you think that should give the Riders a pass to play by a different set of rules than the other eight teams in the league, but I'm pretty sure every other GM and president in the league is going to tell Ambrosie to give the Riders a hard "no" on that idea.

I think that the Riders should be able to hire a new head coach and he should be able to bring in his own staff. The number of staff/coaches and the salaries must adhere to the rules and limits. Any of the previous staff should be paid out by the Riders but it should not count against the numbers or cap unless retained.
No. Just no. Absolutely not. The point of the cap in the first place is to rein in the ridiculously irresponsible non-football player ops spending that was and is going on with some teams. This is a rule meant to help keep the league as a whole sustainable, as well as to show the CFLPA that the league is serious about keeping sustainable. What you are now asking is for the league to make an exception, in the first year that this new rule is in place, for the one team that is the hallmark of this type of irresponsibility, because "we got screwed by our own guy".

Uhh, no. Contrary to this:

the situation was not one of the Rider's making.
This situation is [i]literally[/i] one of the Riders' making.

You make a good point. The anger is more about how Jones has gone about moving on, rather than the fact of moving. He obviously has always had his eye on #1 (with whatever his current team is a close #2), and he seems to have no problems with making a decision that's best for you without any consideration at all of what kind of effect that has on his team. It's probably not a stretch to think that exactly zero teams that he has coached for in the CFL West Division would hire him back if given the chance.

No, I think he was the right choice for COTY this year, from a purely coaching standpoint. It is an award given to someone who had an outstanding coaching season (what that means can be different for different people), and I don't think anyone would argue that 2018 was not an outstanding season for Jones.

COTY isn't "best person of the year", but even despite that, for as much as I don't like the guy, I think sitting Collaros in the WSF was a very hard decision that a lesser coach would not have made, and I regained a fair bit of respect for the man when word came out about that decision. Of course, now that the real Chris Jones has decided to stand up...

I agree with all your points, and I guess all I can say is these decisions will likely put the riders back in the basement, where the rest of the league likes to see them, oh don’t worry, the fans will go to the games anyways, there used to having a mediocre team. Then the rest of the teams can get a few more wins.

One of the reasons for the football operations cap was because of accusations of abuses from SSK,
Isn’t it something that when it blew up that SSK is the first team to get caught up in the shrapnel and that Jones escapes untouched.

It appears that Scott Milanovich might become available.
He was pegged to get this job, now, not so much.

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The #Jaguars are expected to hire former #Vikings OC John DeFilippo as their new offensive coordinator, sources say. Doug Marrone took his time with such a key hire, but when the deal gets done, he’ll have his guy.
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