Chris Jones signs with the Cleveland Browns

Forgot about good 'ol Kent Austin . . . .

Marc Trestman? CFL experience.

Prove it.

Trestman leave for the Bears because of the salary system?

Jones took the job because it is the NFL and pays much more than what he can make in the CFL.

What the CFL needs to do is curb its reliance on American coaches.

The salary cap may have had an impact, but NFL pay was already higher than CFL pay, so I figure it was not a factor.

He’s following his buddy to the Browns… Nothing to do with salary.

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There are several coaches in the NCAA div 2-3 that are more then qualified to move into the pro ranks. But the money problem is going to need to be addressed some time.

Maybe the league needs a ratio for Canadian coaches.

Anyone who thinks the new salary cap on operations in the CFL was a major factor in his decision is wrong in my opinion. You get a chance to go to the NFL, you take it.

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I thought it was for DC but it’s senior defensive specialist according to Naylor TSN .

Not sure what that is .

Perhaps cap isnt whole reason, but to leave a HC and GM position now for an undefined D specialist role? Screams dollars to me.
I am sure with all the years as a DC, ASST HC and HC prior to now, there were options for him in NCAA and NFL prior to this. Didnt he have a former Giants Head coach, Parcels, on speed dial for connections.
Jones ego is big enough, that if he cant have full control, he might as well take the big paycheck and get his foot in the door.

Although, it may be a little dirfferent than going to one CFL team from another CFL team (EE to SSK), I wonder if he might entice a couple of FA’s from sask to try down south with cleveland, one of concern would be W>Jefferson, and from an Esk fan, I would find that amusing and poetic justice!

So Jones announced his coaching staff for 2019 last week. Are these guys now guaranteed their contacts for 2019? If so, what an absolute mess he is leaving. Who wants this O.C. or O Line coach?
They were Jones buddies and the only reason they had a job. No new coach would want these 2.

I would say the cap is working as intended. At least six other teams are able to manage their coaching personnel just fine within the confines of the cap.

Good riddance to him . He was an arrogant jerk who turned his back on several teams in the CFL. Hope he flops!

Senior Defensive specialist??? What the hel l is that? How far up the echelon from Defensive waterboy is it? How could Reynolds allow an escape clause like this after Jones picked his entire staff, that will now be on the hook for their salary and the new cap IMO, of which any new coach will want nothing to do with. What H.C. candidate will come in and have to inherit Jones buddies, a few of who only had a job because of some hidden pictures between them obviously?

Not always. Apparently claybrooks had an NFL opportunity but wanted to be the top guy on a CFL team.

With the resignation of Chris Jones who had many tasks, including Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator, the Riders cannot hire more than 1 more coach,since there are still 10 coaches on the present 2019 coaching staff. The new cap limit is 11 coaches. The new Head Coach could 1 of the 10 actual coaches.

Amongst the actual coaching staff, Stephen McAdoo,presently Assistant Head Coach &Offensive Coordinator, could be the new Head Coach and still the Offensive Coordinator. Another coach would be hired.

Another option could be the hiring of a new Head Coach who would also be the Defensive Coordinator.

To me, at this time of the year and given the new cap on coaches,there are not too many options.


No loyalty.

Although I have my bias towards the Riders in this case, I think the CFL should cut the Riders a bit of slack here as they were looking to play by the rules and limit the number of coaches and adhere to the salary cap BUT were hooped by one individual. I think that the Riders should be able to hire a new head coach and he should be able to bring in his own staff. The number of staff/coaches and the salaries must adhere to the rules and limits. Any of the previous staff should be paid out by the Riders but it should not count against the numbers or cap unless retained. The amount of the payout would be enough of a "penalty" and the situation was not one of the Rider's making. The playing field would still be level for all teams as far as the 2019 coaching staffs in place for the season. It not fair to any team or any new head coach to be handcuffed in such a manner. I am certain that this scenario did not occur to anyone when the cap was introduced.

I suspect the Riders “braintrust” will appeal the Jones decision on the basis of late change to the equation - Jones holding 3 or 4 jobs, etc.

Randy might agree to relax the coaching/mgmt. cap or have it altered to allow more than 1 boy to replace CTJ (aka Can’t Trust Jones)