Chris Jones signs with the Cleveland Browns

Chris Jones is off to the Cleveland Browns in a defensive capacity. Had an nfl opt out in his contract. Ouch

Holy hell

WHOA!!! Big news in Rider land! Riders will struggle big time in 2019.

My only hope is that he never sets foot on a CFL field again! The guy has done dirty to every team he has been associated with (Roughrider fans are going to probably say different).

Good bye and Good Riddance!

David William Naylor?Verified account

Can confirm that @sskroughriders head coach and GM Chris Jones is leaving the CFL to take a job with the Cleveland Browns. #CFL
1:55 PM - 15 Jan 2019

Definitely a result of the ridiculous short sighted football operations cap.

Wow, looks like he played the Riders real good, probably got a signing bonus and built a clause in his new contract allowing him to leave, he didn’t have in his old deal.

Karma is a ....

Has nothing to do with that. The NFL is always the goal for everybody.

They better bring extra staff in Saskatchewan hospitals tonight.

Brown is the colour!

Too early?

You have NO idea what was in his old contract or what is in his extension.

Only thing that makes sense.

Huge loss to the Riders,particularly as Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator.

I totally agree with you,Sheldon, that the cap on football operations and coaches was a major factor for his decision. He had,along with other staff members, to take a salary reduction; furthermore, he had to reduce drastically the camps to find rookies in the US. Scouts had to be eliminated. Since he was not able,anymore, to spend as much as he wanted he said good bye. I am of the opinion that he felt that the 2019 season would be difficult and decided/did the outmost to move on.

The Riders are in a tough situation. No QB, no Head Coach and no Defensive Coordinator.


As a rider fan, this not surprising.
Isn’t this how he changes teams?
Nfl opportunity, plus reduction in pay and reduction in staff and scouting, easy decision for Jones.
Goodluck to our football execs finding a replacement.
Wont be surprised if benevides is brought in as coach. Veteran coach who is unemployed and can fill HC and DC.
Just saw that browns already hired OC and DC. Jones leaving for apparent position coach spot.

Riders would be wise to bring Murphy back at his old wage and promote from within to cover the changes to the coaching team. Murphy and Jones were US recruiting for the Riders.

not that I am a huge fan of Jones, but sad for the CFL I think

So how’s that operation cap working so far, Ambrosie?

Shot in the gut for the good 'ol CFL

If anyone was gonna pull this type of stunt it would be Chris Jones!

And it was!

Riders organization now must pivot on a dime & start a huntin’ up a brand new, fresh GM, fresh head coach, fresh defensive coordinator - but at least they’ve got $500,000 to play around with.

Here’s some names to play around with . . . .

GM - Brendan Taman (but only as an interim GM, Brendan doesn’t have much of a corporate profile, kinda a hermit personality) but he’d plug in quickly and is an earnest campaigner

HC - Good 'ol Wally Buono - what about one more year Pasquale? Help the CFL! Think he’s done but you never know.

HC - Noelle Thorpe, has been looking for a couple years, runner up or Mr. Congeniality on 2 or 3 charts.

HC - Paul “PLOP” LaPolice, Bombers thought they had everything tied down in a neat package, now NOT SO MUCH

HC - Ricky Ray (short notice not his specialty)

DC - Thorpe

Other names that could enter the mix in a variety of spots = Joe Mack, Doug Brown, Hugh Campbell, Danny Macocia, Greg Marshall (not the Sgt. Slaughter variety)

Any others?

The league is slowing looking more and more like a 2nd tier league. Now we’re even losing coaches due to salary cut backs.

Jones brought a definite charisma to the CFL and even as an Als fan I will miss him.

As for a potential replacement, well there is a certain Kent Austin out there (although just hired at Liberty) who obviously has a connection to Sask.