Chris Jones pulled out

Signed an extension with the Argos. Not surprised...

I know that you may say, “easy to say after the facts” but I am not surprised that he pulled out/took his name off the list of candidates; in fact, this weekend I was saying too myself it would not surprised me if Chris Jones decides to stay in Toronto. Why did I think so? I feel that he was not the runner up and he realized it; looks better to pull your name off than to learn that you have not been chosen.

I more and more think that Pat Meyer and Noel Thorpe are in the “running”. I am positive that Marc Trestman made recommendations to Mr.Wetenhall and Jim Popp,with regards to these two assistants.

The other option is/could be Danny Maciocia or an outside person.


I am not surprised, but very disappointed. He was by far the best available candidate.

Not surprised because there would be too much ego in the room with Popp and Jones - deux coqs dans la meme cage.

It`s easy to say Popp will find some unknown like Trestman. But what are the odds of that coach turning into another Trestman? About the same as Porter turning into another Calvillo.

I am hoping it is the last one you have mentioned (outside) and not Thorpe or Macioca.

Disappointed, but we have to move on. The thing I’ve noticed with Jones: his defenses start out super-hot, but don’t hold up well over the course of a few years. Great in 2003 and 2004, then decline over the next few years. Won a Cup in Calgary in 2008, then decline from 2009-2011. So he’s won a Cup in Toronto; now let’s see how he fares. He seems to be cut from the Matthews cloth in that his act wears thin in a short period of time.

Agreed. Not interesting in Macioca or Bellefeuille for that matter.

Not expecting another first time head coach but don't expect any of the "known" candidates either.

But in Popp we must trust.

Chris Jones pulled out

Yup, Johnny has pulled out at just the right time, on many occasions… It has saved him a lot of trouble! :smiley:

Not gonna lie, I chuckled at the topic thread too. :lol:

I was going to reply "He shot himself in the foot" but I held it in 8)

…Curious move BUT not if you think Scott Milanovitch has been talking to his friend in Chicago about a FUTURE position :wink: Presto…Jones next hc in argoland…I thought he was your best choice…Guess Lapos name has moved up a notch :wink:

You guys in Winnipeg are Funny. You all have your little toes crossed hoping we take him off your books so Burke can afford to hire himself a coaching staff :smiley:

...BAZINGA :thup:

I make a living figuring people out Papa :lol:
I like you :thup:

"Sheldon" you can have him !

Ça se défend, mais je crois que Toronto a autant besoin d'un entraîneur-chef qui vient de l'attaque que les Alouettes ont besoin d'un entraîneur-chef qui vient de la défensive.

Je ne crois pas que Milanovitch va faire le saut si tôt, cependant. Mais comme je me suis déjà trompé pour Trestman...

Good thing you held it in, cause you would have had a mess on your hands...

...I don't think that Milanovitch will be leaving anytime soon, LeStaf....It's just that if you consider the coaches that Trestman has already brought with him, Scott would be certainly a consideration in the 'future', due to his success and his relationship with Marc.....In what capacity does he join the bears is another question..The lure for Milanovitch could/would be the money AND a greater challenge...We'll see :wink:

Milanovich is wise. He’s gonna wait and see if Trestman is successful. He turned down the Argos twice before he took the job. There is a reason why Barker wants to try and reword Milanovich’s contract so he can’t take a job in the NFL that’s not a HC position. If Trestman is successful next season. Don’t be surprised I will not be surprised to see him make the move.