Chris Jones officially named GM and HC

I think we got to be patient with the guy. I'm not expecting success over night. By year three we should be competitive again.

if it takes 3 years to be competative with any team in the CFL you probably have the wrong staff.

It will be interesting to see what happens between now and Feb. Time will tell I guess!!

I guess Austin turned Hamilton around in 1. I'm just saying that I hope if things don't go as planned this season we don't fire Jones and eat another large contract for the next couple of seasons.

6 wins should be the minimum taget in 2016. 10 in 2017. If they have a good FA session with Nationals...that goes up.

My biggest concern with Jones wearing 4 hats is which one does not fit right? Vp, Gm, HC, DC that is a lot to have on anyone's plate. It also makes it pretty tough when you have one guy in complete control of all football operations to pull the pin if things goes bad. This would leave a big gap in the organization to find fill ins for all those positions.

Coach Bob Dyce has cleaned out his office, expect Craig Dickenson to be the Riders Special Teams Coordinator.

Shame that. Dyce is one guy I'd have liked to keep around. Well respected and a good character guy. would think he could move into player personnel with Smith getting the axe

Expect more such moves and this will not be only staff. Yeah Dyce is getting the shaft without question. A die hard Rider and did his best given the circumstances. His payoff? F**k you very much and a Merry Christmas. I can understand Jones wanting his people but sometimes it is good for team morale to make some exceptions . Dyce would have been one. And what was wrong with our special teams last year? They were actually the most solid part of the team in my opinion.
Quick, Chappy and any defensive coach I have no issue of punting them. Dyce though, yeah that one kind of stings.

most coaches want their guys. I understand it...especially as he is the exiting HC. I thought Dyce might have found an office role...but as far as coaching staff...there was no place for him. Nobody has said McDiarmid is going away yet...but Dickenson is a superb STC that a few teams were going after

Wow! John Murphy left Calgary and settles in Rider Nation in a VP role. Tweeted from Arash Madani.

Holy crap!!! Now that came out of left field and that is a great great news but I thought Jones was named VP also ? How does that work?

2 Assistants perhaps ? - wait and see what happens with O'Day, hope he stays though.

Good news. He's done wonders finding QBs. they landed 3 of their top 4 what will Sutherland's role be if he lands LOL.

Sounds like he is staying on as assistant GM.

This is pretty stunning. I don't know if all of this will work...but it sure seems like they are making some of the better management moves the club has seen in my time around

he seems to do wonders filling most positions. I can't really look at the Stamps roster and say "man, they really need to improve at position x" and can't remember the last time I did. Not saying they have all-stars everywhere or can not improve, but you don't generally see liabilities.

What I really like...this combo is going to put proper value on contracts and sometimes just say...sorry, this is the best we can offer you. I know the Murphy / Huf combo did that for years....and THAT is why they have had continual success...they can afford a balanced team. Pretty sure Jones will be fully behind that as well.

He was hired as Director of Personnel

Explains why Dyce wad let go

looks like Chris Jones putting together a high quality team.
like I said before your only as good as the people that you suround yourself with and Jones is surounding himself with high quality people to ensure thhat he is sucessfull.