Chris Jones officially named GM and HC

Just saw it on TSN.

Sorry I guess not "officially" but a presser is scheduled for tomorrow.

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Well I guess we will see how many players are left from last year after this deal. I have a feeling there could be a number of familiar faces not wearing green and white next season. My bet is Dressler is all but packing his bags as we speak.

Why? Jones is a proven winner.

Wait and see. My money is still on Weston has played his last game as Rider. Call me crazy if you want, but that is what I expect will happen. He will not pay that much coin for a receiver.

Ah gotcha. I thought you were saying guys won't want to play for Jones.

This is going to be either really great or really awful. And which way it goes hinges on Jones' reaction to and attitude towards the local press corps and fan base. If he can deal with them respectfully then he will be the golden boy. If he goes all Tortorella, then this will be a short tenure.

There will also have to be some adjustments from fans as well. I don't see Jones showing up at the Melville School Sports Day for example.

Personally, I am really surprised at a lot of the Esks fans' reactions on this board. It's not like this is a new thing that has never happened before. I guess it's just that they are used to being on the other side of these things. Love watching how wound up they are getting. :smiley:

So was Chamblin ;D

That's hard to tell yet given that he is coming to a team that apparently has 32 players becoming free agents in a few months.

I can see him dumping Dressler and trying to sign Bowman. That will be the interesting part, how many of our FA's does he retain? My guess is not many and he will probably try to entice Edmonton FA's to come here.

With the Getz money off the table it improves odds of Dressler staying. I think it comes down to if he feels he can afford both Dressler and Smith. He also needs to bump Baggs pretty good if there is any chance of retaining him. Is he willing to put 500 to 550 into those 3...we shall see.

Any word on what he's getting paid, Jones that is?

Three year deal, $750,000
Link below from the Riders press conference,

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I cant see many players leaving a team like Edmonton to rebuild with jones all over again. They have a chance to get a dynasty going here.

I listened to the press conference and he sounded and came off very polished. He had a few funny things to say and he avoided the questions about what comes next with coaches/players because he needs to avoid those questions and just go about business.

I give the cat 9/10 on that conference. He seems totally down to earth. Sure he gets fired up but is that really a bad thing?

We got the best available. Sutherland from RedBlacks and Murphy from Stamps...............well they aren't HC's and who would they bring? If we were told we get Jones as DC doesn't that alone warm you up??? He's top flight defensive guy, loves bringing pressure.

And about the whining about well watch all our favourites get ridden out of town. Half of them need to gone..........there best before date was 1-2 yrs ago and we need to reoload. I love dressler as much as the next guy........but don't assume Bowman is just waltzing into town. Jones is shrewd and Bowman too is 29-31 and his shelf life is not long and he drops a shitload of balls......instead of comparing Bowman to Dressler please bring Roosesevel into this. He'll be a starter at SB and will be doing it for way less than Getz, Dress, Bowman.

The interesting item is Jones needs to clean up serious cap issues we have. If forced to make decisions he'll do that and so would anyone else? Taman didn't leave a pretty situation behind. A few backend contracts to clean up, etc etc but it needs to be addressed.

He's a proven DC. Not proven as HC after two seasons but he is off to a great start. He has a eye for talent. He will bring in serious coaches who work and poush players. The only downside is the GM piece but I am sure he will learn on the fly and get very good at this too! Given his non experience at GM I expect Jeremy O'Day to be around and be expected to be very busy doing a lot of GM related stuff.

Grubber...the bright side is that the the last heavy backend loaded contract of much significance (there were a few) left was Getz...that is done. Remaining one, to my understanding, are not a big deal. That said, there are a few contracts that have seasonal upfront cash...and those are the ones that really hurt. if a player is making 100k and gets 20k upfront, that 20k hits the cap whether he takes a snap or not as soon as we hit Jan 1. There are only a few I am aware of, but there are a few...and DD was big in 2015...not sure for 2016. The reason US players like this (beyond cash in hand now) is that this type of pay is a significant tax shelter in the US. The thing is that you are obviously rolling the dice giving this to a player, but the benifit is you should save a few bucks on overall contract because of the discount said player would give you...huge gamble...but the problem is that BT paid full price+ and never got that discount. a tripple sting.

The Riders are likely going to be over-paying for a few players this season because they have lost so much young NI talent over 3 years...but they need to be paying for those CANADIAN FAs first and foremost, then building from drafts for the future. The fact is they probably need to pick up 3-4 Canadians capable of heavy rotation...that is going to cost....and i fully believe Jones knows that.

So far they have saved:
~100K in Glenn's replacement
~20 in JRs
~75-100 in Getz's (likely)
~they had 100-150 in OL contingency that 300

Brack was making ~160 I think dont recall at the will come to me later). He will be at 120 or cone. So they will save 40- there.
Adcock will get a 20K raise uif he stays
Allen will get a modest raise if he stays
Bagg will get +60 if he stays
Fulton would be a wash if he stays
Hall's replacement will save 70k if he goes

There are obviously other guys like Ainsworth and such that you need to push to keep, but I put the general list abovbe at a wash...i mean you have guys like Brown that need to be signed.

300k...they need to free up some money to make a splash, but it shouldn't be nuts to get there. IF they go after DD to take a clip that would help.

Let’s get this straight. Every GM / coach has been hired because ‘he’s a winner’. Yes, Jones comes in riding a huge wave of momentum but this is the Riders. If you want to turn a winner into a loser, put on a Rider jersey. I don’t know if it’s a curse or what but we’ve turned some real winners into losers. Google ‘Chamblin’. Google ‘Lancaster’. Google ‘Austin’. Google ‘Gregory’.

104 years of Pride. 100 years of Heartbreak.

From what I understand posted on facebook; Jarious Jackson (2year deal) new QB Coach - Passing Game Coordinator

Wow…surprising as he had an interview like a day ago with BC.

Austin had a large amount of success…what are you talking about. 1/1

this club struggled for a lot of years pre SMS because they simply couldn’t compete financially.

What did Chamblin excel at pre-Riders? Are you calling his time as a DC a success? It was a fricken train wreck. He was a respectable positional coach though.

Jones has done well as a positional coach, coordinator, HC, and scout…I can;t see how they can be compared really…and he is not who I would have hired and I can still see that