Chris Jones Off the market?

[i]Sources confirmed to that Toronto Argonauts defensive coordinator Chris Jones has been offered the top job in Edmonton. Jones, who has three Grey Cup championships on his resume as a defensive assistant, has been seeking a head coaching job in the CFL for a number of years.

The news was first reported by Terry Jones of the Edmonton Sun.[/i]

In his article, Terry Jones mentions that former CFL QB,Kerwin Bell, is a candidate for the Head Coach,in Edmonton. He was Offensive Coordinator with the Argos,in 2001 I think. Could always be a candidate for the Als Offensive Coordinator position,provided he's interested. He is presently the Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator at Jacksonville University. Not a good 2013 season,i.e. 5-6.


As far as Ed Hervey is concerned, he says he has not offered the job or hired anyone. Interviews are still ongoing.

Jones says that too, but is convinced that Jones will be the choice. From the column I would suggest Jones feels Jones is the clear frontrunner, unless a yey-to-be interviewed candidate wows Hervey.

I expect Chris Jones to be named Head Coach of the Edmonton Eskimos today.-November 26,2013- Would not be surprised if Doug Berry follows him,either as Offensive Coordinator or Offensive line Coach.


And it's official, Jones as Edmonton's new head coach:

J’ai hâte de voir qui il va amener avec lui pour bâtir une attaque. Maas?

Well, if Reilly is healthy, it shouldn’t be a huge issue. Edmonton’s offense wasn’t the main problem to me last year. It was that defense, which couldn’t stop anyone, ever, in the crunch. I definitely think Greg Marshall’s days as a CFL coach are done…

Winnipeg reports say Mike O`Shea will be their next head coach, so the Argos will be bleeding a little.

They will miss Jones as much for his recruiting as coaching. Mr. Barker is going to have to move those chunky legs of his.

I could be wrong, but I don't think that Scott Milanovich is too worried with the loss of Chris Jones.

As I wrote, I will not be surprised if Doug Berry becomes the Offensive Coordinator in Edmonton; Jason Maas could be the QB coach.


Craig Dickenson rumored going to Edmonton as Jones special teams coach.

And Tim Burke and Casey Creehan said to be headed to the Argos.

As for the Alouettes, if they are negotiating a contract with Popp we should have some news by May. :roll:

Why would Toronto let Maas make a lateral move (QB coach to QB coach) in Edmonton, especially after Edmonton just poached Jones to be their HC?

Oh that's easy. . . it'll be a promotion. . . he'll be QB coach and assistant to the adjutant of the assistant head coach.

Avec tous les coups que Reilly a mangés, et toutes les fois qu'il s'est fait aplatir, je crois que l'attaque avait de sérieux problèmes, à tout le moins, sur la ligne d'engagement.

Fat Basker is going to have to get to work :slight_smile:
This is hilarious.

I can do without the fat-shaming jokes, thanks. I dislike Barker, but let's leave his weight out of it. Equating weight with laziness = lazy thinking.

But short jokes acceptable?

Edmonton can have Berry as far as I am concerned.

Huh? You referring to Pippin? That's just a reference to LOTR (a series of movies I happen to like, FWIW; I think Billy Boyd does an excellent job of playing Pippin). If you think it means anything about short people, you're way off-base. Besides which, in the case of a punter (and maybe even placekicker), height IS important. Whyte doesn't have the leg to be a punter partly because he's too effing small. Doesn't mean short people are bad, just means that they generally don't wind up being punters. Just like you wouldn't try to turn a defensive lineman into a cornerback without having people accuse you of hating big people.

In Barker's case, his weight is absolutely beside the point. He's a GM, not a player.

There is a reason a driver is longer than a nine iron...

As for fat joke, anyone who's had a gastric bypass and is as obese as Barker is lazy.