Chris Jones leaving Riders after all

Just my opinion,
But I see it as Austin felt he had lost the team and stepped aside for the good of the franchise, It was also pretty plain to see it(Stress) was affecting his health.
I don’t think “quitter” is a fair description of Kent Austins tremendously successful career in management and as a player in the CFL.
It is unfortunate how things ended in Hamilton for Austin, but I would think he could be back in the CFL in a New York second if he wanted to be.

I forgot about that part of how he’s thought of by the melon heads – a QB hero for the '89 cup win, a Head Coach hero for their next one in '07, but then he suddenly quit, also in mid January, for a job at his alma mater.

It still doesn’t change my opinion of Austin, but I totally forgot about how he left SSK. :-\

Apologies to mr62 if I have misunderstood.

Loved the reaction on riderfans. Half of them wailing that the sky is falling, the other half saying there will be no effect and expecting Lapolice to come over (and Wpg to let him this late in the game) and not be able to choose his own staff.

Looks like my sacrifices to Thor asking him to ruin the Riders’ 2019 season have paid off. Local goat farmers breathe an audible sigh of relief.

So, one of the reasons for the football operations cap was because of accusations of abuses from SSK,
Isn’t it something that when it blew up that SSK is the first team to get caught up in the shrapnel and that Jones escapes untouched. :o

I’m so sad for them

Jerry Glanville reported to be interested in taking over, at least, part of Jones’ job:

Wonder what the “personal reasons” that kept Jerry from returning to Hamilton are, or were, if indeed he is interested in working. this year, more than twice the distance away from his home in Knoxville.

Agree with uou totally Grover. Hell, I would welcome Austin back to Hamilton if we disn’t have the prospect namwd coach O. Anyone who thinks Austin quit on our team doesn’t know football!

He didnt quit on the team, the team quit on him

Agreed Champ! Definitely!

Yesterday Dave Naylor said he was making $600-$650 with the Riders for 6 months work.
I hear how Coordinators in the NFL make similar money.
He is merely a consultant whatever that means and there is no way he will be paid anywhere close to that, for a 12 months 24/7 job.

$600-$650K for 6 months of work?

Boy - I am in the wrong business, for sure.

The Eagle :’( :’( :’(

“You are obviously a typical left wing Canadian liberal” . Come on Tip, you know that’s an inaccurate generalization . I agree with your defence of Jones . He’s a football guy just trying to climb the ladder like everyone else. Where we may disagree is your description of the typical left wing Canadian liberal .
If I were to generalize, then his comments struck me as coming from a “typical right wing Canadian reformer”.

We’re probably both wrong . :wink:

Pat Lynch (the old Canadian left wing social democrat)

I really felt Jerry was okay with being Defensive coordinator under his buddy June, but not Orlondo as there was no past relationship.
Being the top guy is a completely different scenerio.Hopefully he gets the job in Sask.

As for Chris Jones, he is one of my favourite coaches of all time. Leave no rock unturned. Always, living on the edge and using unconventional methods to win.
Who else has won 12 games, 12 freakin games in a season without a bonafide QB?
Most teams don’t win 12 games with a good Qb - some can only manage 8.
All he does is win. I think he won coach of the year, this year?

Good Luck to him - hopefully the Browns can start a winning tradition - they certainly have had a lot of losing last 3 or 4 decades.

Funny, how last year, we had two head coaches named Jones - now we have none. :o

No surprise to me that he would do that…he never impressed me in this league!

Now that we have that figured out why don’t we welcome him back with open arms so they can quit on him again. :o ::slight_smile:

David William Naylor?Verified account
7m7 minutes ago
The idea of Jerry Glanville as a placeholder for the @sskroughriders as head coach has merit. Though 77, he lifts and walks each day. Was very good with @Ticats this season. Could sign him to 1-year deal then have choice of assistants across the league to succeed him in 2020.#CFL

Jerry should be signed for 5 years - then it becomes the roughriders 5 year plan - that could turn to 10 year or even 15 year plan like some. Lol!

One would think the OT loss to BC and the season series and playoff vs OTT, for example, would give any team pause , at the very least, in hiring Glanville. …

But it doesn’t seem like his brand is dented much. Still charming the pants off people.

Did you that one time they were playing a game in Memphis and he left tickets at will call for Elvis…