Chris Jones leaving Riders after all

Off to the Browns, had an NFL opt out in his conract. Brutal for SSK, very late to start a HC search

It’ll take a day or two but Rider fans will spin this into a positive…maybe even preferable.

Wow this is a huge blow to the riders as this man was an expert on defence and knew how to evaluate talent and knew the CFL game inside and out and was a proven winner. I think a good pickup for a young improving Browns team.

Jerry Glanville to the rescue

Just as long as he leaves two tickets for Elvis at the ticket booth every game.

I think there’s somebody, with TiCat history, who’d just love to take over Jones’ titles (VP Football Ops, GM & Head Coach) out in Regina. And, he’s a hero out there. Like Jones, he recently signed a contract which, today, he too might like to get out of but likely doesn’t have an escape clause for this sudden job opening.

What a snake. Extends his contract to 2020 and slithered away leaving a trail.

So glad our “Plan A” is already secure. Mind you, Rider fans were probably thinking the same until today.

Jones isn’t a snake. He signed a Rider contract that had an NFL out clause. The Riders agreed to that clause, and knew he could leave at any time.

I can also see Kent Austin suddenly appearing in Saskatchewan. I’m sure O’Day has already made that phone call.

Ideally Sask probably looking for a coach to be Head Coach and D-Coordinator. I think they might be up against the max coaches and Jones wore these 2 hats.

Not a snake at all.

Absolutely a snake, a total mercenary.
Ironic though he is leaving for less money.

The riders gave him an out clause for the NFL.

How is he a snake?

Is every player that gets released “to pursue NFL opportunities” considered a snake too?

That’s true.

So SSK now needs a VP of football operations, a GM, a HC and a DC when they already have 10 of their 11 Coaches allowed under the Football Ops cap rules. :o(Oh ya, they need a QB also)

I think Benevides is the only experienced HC/DC available
Noel Thorpe(OTT) could also be a good replacement as HC/DC, which would be good for us. :slight_smile:

Considering what he was making and they could easily hire a HC and DC separately, while letting someone go on the current staff.

“Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.” Bobbie Frost to the rescue. Yeah, Austin would be a perfect fit.

Pat Lynch (the old Death of the Hired Man fan)

  1. LOL…so I guess that all the players that leave CFL teams with the hope of making it with an
    NFL team are all just money hungry mercenaries also !!! ::slight_smile:

You’re a funny guy, and I would be willing to bet that any CFL Head Coach would jump at the
chance to coach in the NFL, and would be gone in an instant from the CFL, just as Jones did.

You say he is leaving for less money ?? Where is your proof for that, and what is his new salary
with the Browns, if you are so sure of that fact ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

And don’t say you read it on the internet :-[ :-[ ::slight_smile:

ottawacat: Unfortunately your “somebody” now has a reputation as being a quitter as a HC. Not good to have that on your resume if you apply for another HC job.

Good riddance! He was disrespectful to this nation and this league on several occasions. Glad that’s over!