Chris Jones is staying in Calgary...

...sorry Winnipeg and Toronto, scratch him from your potential HC lists...

...his name really never came-up that often in the Bomber search....but Cortezs' did :wink:

Interesting that Chris has no desire to be a HC, at least in the foreseeable future.

Quality football mind. I've always regretted that we let him slip away from Montreal, even though things turned out very well for us with Burke.

It looks like he’s looking more at long term security than the uncertainty of being a HC. I’m basing that opinion on the fact that he was already assistant director of player personnel as well as DC but his player personnel duties are being expanded. Sounds like he’s more interested in stepping into management than head coaching in the future.

Those two teams better get their poopoo together before teams close the door.

Well, there's no need to panic yet. Jim Daley's still available!

word of advice for any teams looking for a HC. Don't take Bart Andrus.

Whaaaaaaat, really?

Is that why you're a Rockets fan? :lol:

Don't listen to him. With Andrus as the OC, and Daley as the DC, that team couldn't lose!

...because it would file for bankruptcy before it ever hit the field. :wink:

Not a staff to spur season ticket sales.

do people actually buy season tickets based on who the head coach is? if so, thats just ridiculous.

...^^ on some teams though (Oakland) there is apt to be more entertainment on the sideline than on the field....