Chris Jones is a piece of work !!

This guy didn't have the common decency to run to centre field and shake Kent Austin's hand after the game ! The guy has no class ! :thdn:

Can someone explain to me Chris Jones's strategy to kick the extra point after Stamps' late touchdown, instead of going for two? If they'd made the 2-point convert, O'Neill could likely have nailed the kick-off to the back of the end-zone with that gusty wind, to tie the game.

If the Esks had missed the 2-point convert, they could have still tried the onside kick to possibly put themselves in field goal position to tie the game.

Maybe because the guy is a GOOF !! :lol:

Let it be known: Chris Jones is Satan. :o

I was worried about that scenario when they were marching down the field, but when they lined up to kick the

When the Esks were marching down the field, I was worried about that scenario, but when they lined up to kick the

He is a goof but as for the single point, if the kicker did manage to kick the ball 90 yards which is still s big kick with a wind . The ball probably bounces through the endzone and no single is given or simply run out,if it’s not deep enough .

Out the side scores though... I can't stand the guy because he talks as though he hasn't finished grade six... Like he is actually proud that he talks like an idiot.... The vast majority of Americans from the south make an attempt to hide the fact that they their parents were related.... If they don't make an attempt to hide their southern roots and are actually proud of it, then I can't stand them.

Nothing wrong with being proud ,we have just as many jerks in Canada as in the South ,just as many illiterates and people with accents you don't like !

So, then, Mr. Bungle, I guess people who post in here as if they hadn't finished grade 6 english (as in mixing up then and than, and saying 'should of' and 'would of' instead of should have and would have), and actually appear proud to come across as a functional illiterates are idiots too, correct?

Guess there aren't many mirrors around your place.

Sorry to veer off topic. . . but straight lines like those ones are really hard to resist. . . :lol:

If you think Chris Jones is an idiot because of his accent, you are certainly telling us who the idiot is, and it's not Chris Jones.

Chris Jones is developing a reputation all on his own !! If it walks like a Duck and quacks like a Duck, it's a Douchebag !

So, like, who cares about an accent anymore, just like who cares about spelling and grammar anymore,like. Right Bungle? MadJack got it first. I just couldn't resist a shot.

No, a rouge is scored on a kickoff only if a player touches it first.

[b]RULE 3 - SCORING SECTION 2 – DEFINITIONS Article 4 – Single Point Or Rouge[/b] [b]NOTE:[/b] If during a kickoff, the kicked ball proceeds through the Goal Area and across the Dead Line or Sideline in Goal without being touched, there shall be no score and the ball shall be awarded to the receiving team at any point between the hash marks on its own 25-yard line.

It's too bad, as much as they are called the Evil Empire, they always had a reputation of having some class as an organization and as individuals.

Wow... just wow.

& you think Austin does? :frowning:

In comparison to Jones, Austin has tons of class. Don't confuse being a hard ass as being classless. Austin at least at the end of the game always shakes hands.

I dont understand the hatred around Chris Jones and his accent… We’re a winning team. Would you rather that retarded Kavis Reed to command the team? I use the term “command” very loosely for Kavis.

Yea sure Jones apparently didnt shake hands which can be viewed as classless, however he seems to be an emotional guy on the field, so emotions get in the way sometimes, deal with it. Then there was not getting the team on the field for the anthem which was obviously a fuck up. However, people have had a problem with him before those problems and I dont understand it.

As for his accent, it’s awesome. I’ve never heard an interview of him with him demonstrating illiteracy, he’s a smart man, hard worker and knows Football, that’s all I care about. I’d rather someone who pisses some people off and wins games (not too mention turns a team around) than some nice, polite idiot who doesn’t know a damn thing about how to win or take command of a team.

Im willing to bet the people who complain about such silly things are the same people who either never played Football or sucked at it as to render themselves a bench warmer and to have never gone through the emotional roller coaster that goes hand and fist on the field with the best sport in the world.