Chris Jones HC in Edmonton

Chris Jones Defensive Coach of the Argo's has just been hired as Head Coach of Edmonton see story below.

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Not sure if he's got the right temperament to be a HC. Knowledge, experience and passion won't be problems. However, I'm not sure if he has the temperament to remain cool, calm and collected in the heat of a game. In the Eastern final, his D came up flat and wasn't able to rise to the challenge like it had many times during the season.

Good luck to him though.

An Argo-Cat fan

Hervey and Jones are both strong, dominating personalities. Should be interesting to see how the two co-exist this season, especially if the Eskimos get off to a long rough start.

I could be wrong, but I'm skeptical about Chris Jones as a head coach. This could well be another George Cortez in Hamilton rerun only twisted so the Eskimos have a great defense but poor offense this season.