Chris Jones gives TO a workout . He can't be serious ? or is he ?

Seems like Chris Jones just can't stay away from shiny objects and new(old?)toys . Apparently at home on Saskie's bye week Jones granted a workout to 44 yr old NFL HOF Terrell Owens . :oBegs the question :Is Jones serious ? curious ? or lastly just being himself looking for some publicity ala Vince Young , Trent Richardson etc etc . Whatever the case may be it does seem strange to be working out a 44 yr old washed out receiver . Especially when that is one of the teams strengths and a real head scratcher after cutting older vets like Grant , Bagg and (Chad)Owens in TC this season declaring that football is a young mans game .

More here complete with videos of the workout and Jones comments about how TO looked

He said Owens needed some conditioning work to do.

To me that's his out to not sign him.

That said, I know people are upset about guys like Owens and Grant, but I genuinely do believe TO is a unique freak of nature.

Well I don't know, Jones still needs ZC to be healthy and to have a "Healthy QB" who can stay in the Game and can throw the ball successfully to these matter who they are.
TO was an "Elite" football player, but "IF" you can do the job as well as anyone else (or better) then screw age, it's all good!

I honestly don't think anything will come of it myself . I wouldn't though be at all surprised if TO reemerges in that new fledgling league (AAF) who will be desperate for a few name players to try to attract some fan interest and sell some tickets .

BUT.....on the other hand.........

You never know with Jones . Maybe he's thinking of actually signing TO so he can make DC into a full time DB . ::slight_smile: ??? :o

Don't think CJ Jones is doing this for publicity. But a number of issues surface:

  1. Does Owens know what the CFL minimum salary is?

  2. Does he care about salary or does he want to inhale the vapors of pro locker rooms and 30,000+ adulating him?

  3. What are the insurance issues re: insuring a 44 yr old body, who pays regardless of salary?

  4. Even if Owens still has 4.35 to 4.45 speed, can he adjust to the fatter canadian football? More fluttering tosses at generally less than NFL speed?

  5. If the plan is just to use Owens as a boundary distraction - ie. catch and hit the boundary won't CFL defenses adjust to this rapidly and jump the throws?

  6. Regardless of being bigger (and probably stronger) than most CFL DBs, prolly 70% of linebackers, too can TO take the odd hit over the middle where his mid-40s ribs are exposed to violence?

Conditioning aside - if Owens can nab 2 to 3 balls per game, for $80k annualized to game cheques he'll be worth the money. Not just the Manziel effect on jerseys - 1000s of Owen jerseys sold by SRR for $210 to $250 ea. but 2 or 3 recepts for 30 to 50 yds a game is actually decent return on a minimal investment. Given the only places in Canada where this would occur are Regina & Montreal, outside chance in Hamilton!

1- Don't believe he cares. For him it's all about "him". Always been and will continue.

Recall him back in his NFL days having the media around his place in his driveway watching him go through his workout regime. Seriously, who cares.

2 - Can he adjust to floaters, yes he can.

3 - Maybe they can adjust but the guy is taller and bigger. Do not foresee that being too much of an issue.

4 - He is a freak of nature. (Chelios in hockey was the same and played until he was 46).
He will probably withstand the odd hit here or there.

TO has stated, though he desperately wants to play football again, whether NFL or CFL, he won't settle for CFL minimum salary. That said, on the off chance he does come here, I'm sure he wouldn't necessary say no to a minimum salary if the contract was ladled with the appropriate bonuses.

I’ll bite. If CJ thinks the guy can be of value - why not take the risk? Whats the downside? Sask’n offense has been gassed out badly this season - they need a spark - perhaps TO can be the igniter?

$70k (approx. league min.) = $4k a game

In addition bonus the guy with a decent signing bonus = around $10k to $25k

$1000 for balls caught over 10 yds

$2500 for TD catches

Some other bonuses can be woven into contract. If TO plays 10 games he could easily make $100k to $150k with signing and other bonuses included

Based on a full season that would be around $200k to $220k

NFL and CFL footballs are the same size....been that for a long time now

Gord McCallum?
Chris Jones, on releasing Bakari Grant and Chad Owens, "It's a young man's game."

Jones might be waiting for Kavis to offer the Als 2022 and 2023 1st round picks for Owens.

I think the downside is if this is a poor decision and you keep making poor decisions you risk ending up becoming Montreal.

I don't think it's going to happen anyway. CJ didn't sound interested. The workout read as something done as a courtesy, not a genuine workout (at least for TO).

What’s lost in all this hoopla over working out TO is the fact that the team also worked out a new DB by the name of Rico McWilliams at the same time . Unlike the receiving position the team does need help in the secondary . It seems far fetched but maybe Jones was just using TO as a means to an end as someone for this new DB to cover in pass routes . In the article it does say that TO’s agent reached out to Jones about the tryout not the other way around .

Like I said we all know that Chris Jones has done some crazy things and that he’s always thinking outside of the box . Maybe he figured he could kill two birds with one stone . Tryout a new DB and at the same time get some free publicity by also giving Owens a look .

Woo Hoo, I thought the same thing. ;D ;D

Better be careful ro, you might be labelled a troll. ;D

Wont be the first time

I was thinking the same thing, ifRico McWilliams, can cover TO decently thenRico McWilliams, gets a plane ticket to Regina.

I would think that if Chris Jones was thinking of signing a guy named Owens that he’d be much better off signing Chad . CO2 may be a little long in the tooth BUT at least he still has some tread left on the tires . He also knows the league , is familiar with the team ,most likely popular with his teammates and certainly isn’t a “me” player unlike TO .

On a side note since B.Grant is also mentioned I for one am a little surprised that he hasn’t found employment elsewhere in the league as of yet this season . He was a 1000 yd receiver last year so you can’t tell me that he couldn’t help somebody (Montreal?) out .

Jones hiring a DB would make a lot more sense. Duron Carter (today) is a much better receiver than Owens would be. It would be better if Jones found a DB to replace Carter, and then used Carter as a receiver.

Carter could produce 1000 yards per season. There is no way Owens does that.

Yah I gotta agree with that!