Chris Jones for Head Coach

Chris Jones for HEAD COACH, need we say more. 6 yrs at Montreal and not even given the consideration for head coach position.

I am totally with you. I've felt Jones should have gotten the position ever since the Popp Star hired himself. Jones has done a good job as D.C. for years now, he has a Grey Cup ring, he's worked under the best (Don Matthews), he knows what it takes to succeed, and he's still relatively young. Give him the reins and let him choose his own coaching staff.

Don't you guys think this time the Als should take applications and have a proper interview process?

Popp Star LOL! I was kind of thinking K-Tel's Mini-Pops :slight_smile:

Sadly, to me applications and a proper interview process go without saying. As in, you should conduct your due diligence and interview qualified candidates and make an unbiased decision in the best interests of the team.

That's what they should do now, and what they should have done last season. Thing is, unlike Jim Popp, Chris Jones is a qualified, logical choice for head coach.

I agree with you guys as well. Chris Jones would be an excellent choice. He could probably bring in someone decent to run the offence too.

I don't know, he is too nervous and yell's a lot


A good way to fix the coaching problem would be to set a minimum height for Coach's...No one under 5,6"...That should fix our two Napoleons :slight_smile:

Well you can't keep Popp as a GM now...he's pouched himself. A guy with an ego like his will never be able to look these guys in the eyes and talk shop after he's been removed or stepped down due to lack of results. That is why this move was so wrong from the get go...

Chris Jones - Is flat out the most qualified for the job. Great coach who communicates well, has a tremendous wealth of knowledge in terms of scheme, he is fair and strong. Coach Jones is a stud. Give him the job.